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TeleHealth Networking Features

Bio Beauty and Health Networking Shown via Imagery for Telemedicine Platforms. Tele medicine provider

Telemedicine Platform for eHealth Medical Private Practice & Fitness Networking

- Health & Fitness Display and Viewing from Worldover
- Seek and Offer Organ, Blood, Egg, Sperm etc. donation
- Telemedicine Platform
- Get informed and Communicate with the world's latest Health & Medical Inventions and Trends
- Get Authenticity of the Most Authentic Profiling Network
- Online Medical & Health Appointments Management, Fully Automated Telehealth Platform
-Enhances and hit-tech features than all telehealth platforms.

Telemedicine Platform Medical Networking online with health tech aid and medical apps or health apps and software

Bio Medical Professional Health Networking & Telemedicine Platform for Private Practice

- Relevant Professionals Networking & Association Groups
- Relevant Interest Peoples' Networking. Like Fitness Freaks, Models, etc.
- Online Real Time Communication Across all allied Biomedical Professional and businesses like Doctors, Pharmacists, Pathologists.
- Latest Development knowledge and Participation in Bio Medical field like Telemedicine Platforms, Medical care, etc.
- All Medical Services Management like Hospitals Management, Tele medicine Platform, etc.

Telemedicine Platform. Mediical and Health Networking Professionals Image for Fitness and Beauty. Medical Payments Billing etc. Telemedicine Portal

TeleHealth Platform for Private Practice. For Cost and Value Effectiveness to Health Business Profession & Clients

- B2C Smart & Efficient Communication
- Online Doctor - Pharmacist - Pathologist - Patient
- Best of Telemedicine Platforms - On Top of all Telehealth Platforms
- Online OPD & Pathological and Medical Prescription
- Hospital Appointments Management
- World's First Full Fledged IoT or Automation with World's Latest Updation



What are Diabetes Mellitus Types Treatment Diagnosis and Prevention? Basic Information about Diabetes Mellitus or High Blood Sugar Types Treatment Diagnosis and Prevention Medical Name: Diabetes Mellitus, DM Related Medical Department:Internal medicine, Endocrinology Contagious: No   Table of Content 1. Generic Symptoms 2. Cause of Diabetes 3. Clinical Manifestations 4. Inspection 5. Diagnosis 6. Differential Diagnosis 7. Treatment     […]

Metabolic Disease

What is Metabolic Disease? About Metabolic Diseases Metabolic Disease Meaning: The body’s metabolism includes two processes, anabolic and catabolic. The former is the synthesis of macromolecular substances from simple ingredients to maintain tissue structure and function. The latter is the decomposition of large molecular substances into small molecular substances, which mainly provide the energy required by the body. The main […]


What is Hyperthyroid disease? Hyperthyroidism Meaning: Hyperthyroid (Thyroid disease)  referred to as hyperthyroidism. It is clinically characterized by increased basal metabolic rate, increased nerve excitability, and enhanced organ and tissue function. This may be accompanied by goiter. The cause of hyperthyroidism is very complex, and its causes are classified in:  Graves’ disease Struma ovarii Graves’ disease in newborns Subacute thyroiditis […]

Adrenal Gland Disease Disorders

What is Adrenal Gland Disease – Hypercortisolism (Cortisolism)? Adrenal Gland Disease, also known as Cushing syndrome, is a syndrome with excessive secretion of adrenal glucocorticoids (mainly cortisol). More common in middle and young people, more women than men. People also call this Hypercortisol or hypercortisolism, or simply cortisol.   What are the causes of Adrenal Gland Disease? Adrenal Gland Diseases […]

Pituitary Disease

Hypothalamus – Pituitary Disease Hypothalamic Disease (Diseases of Hypothalamus) – Pituitary Disease  What is Pituitary Disease? Pituitary Diseases: Hypothalamic disease is a group of diseases that cause hypothalamic dysfunction due to multiple reasons. The main features are hypoendocrine dysfunction and autonomic dysfunction. The hypothalamus is both an advanced autonomic nerve center and an advanced endocrine center with complex functions. Hypothalamus […]


What is Endocrine System Study and medical branch? Endocrine system medical branch or Endocrinology is the study of endocrine system studied and dealt in endocrine department of a medical school or hospital.   How do we define endocrinology? Endocrinology Definition: (endocrine – ology) is a biological and medicinal stream dealing with the endocrine system,  its diseases and secretions known as […]


Generalized Anxiety Disorder – GAD Generalized anxiety disorder is described by perspective thoughts that are uncontrollable on a certain event or activity. This affects our physical and mental well-being and the concerns are related to our lifestyle, relationships, work stress, friends and family, death of a close one, financial worries, and continuous health issue. They mostly affect our mental stability […]


What Mental Stress Disorder does to the Body? Stress Meaning – Stress definition: Stress terminology indicates it as a situational pressure that piles up in the mind and drains the body. Stress is developed die to workload, financial challenges, a near or dear one at trouble, prolonged health disturbance, unhealthy environment, perceptions and many more.  Stress can be positive and […]


Encyclopedia on Psychiatry Department (Medical Branch) How do we define psychiatry? Definition of Psychiatry: Psychiatry is an important part of modern medical science. It mainly studies the etiology, symptom characteristics and clinical consultation, clinical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, social management, judicial appraisal and assessment of mental disorders.   What does psychiatry mean? Meaning of Psychiatry: Modern psychiatry includes the diagnosis […]

Panic Attack

What is Panic Attack? Panic attack meaning: A panic attack is a situational based discomfort that happens due to an intense fear of something or a situation that is happening at the back of the mind. It reaches a peak within a couple of minutes before things can be analyzed. This is a temporary episode when a person is paranoid. […]

Buried Wire Face Lift for Skin Lifting Procedure

Procedure of Buried Wire Face Lift Surgery by Facial Implants Many beauty-loving friends find that after 25 years of age, the face starts to loosen at this stage of entering the 30-year-old. At this time, face embedding is a good choice. This procedure is called buried wire face lift.   Had Face Sag and regret after burying the thread? It […]

Dental Implants

Endosseous Implant – Fixture or Dental Implants Dental Implant Definition and Meaning: Dental implant is a medical method (also referable as endosseous implant or fixture) in which dental specialists take a pure titanium metal with high human bone compatibility and make it into a cylindrical or other tooth-like shape through fine planning. Dental surgeons implant it through a small operation […]


Meaning Definition Benefits and Technology of Tele medicine These services are conductible via telemedicine portals, also referable as telemedicine or telehealth platforms. Different Entities define telemedicine (sometimes also known as telehealth) similarly as follows: Telemedicine Definition by the World Health Organization Telemedicine is a kind of medical and health service. The distance is a key factor. All medical treatments such […]

Hospital Management System

What is Software System for Administration of Hospitals (HMS)? Hospital Information System (HIS) is a kind of marginal science integrating medicine, information, management, computer and other disciplines. It is widely used in developed countries and is creating good social and economic benefits. Hospital management system (HMS) is the necessary technical support and infrastructure for the operation of modern hospitals. The […]

Medical Insurance Software

Medical Insurance Software Companies Management Information System Medi-claim insurance is a contract of indemnity where only the actual costs are covered that incur due to ill medical condition. A medical insurance software help governing all the medical insurance activities. Here is Medical Insurance System project planning by Medical Insurance Software Companies for profit maximization and benefits to the policy holders. […]

Medical Instrumentation

5 High-tech Bio Medical Instrumentation System for Medical Treatment and Information System Management Network As neuroscientist VS Ramachandran said that all subversive new technologies stem from a concept that may be real and fictitious, and disruptive computer technology will inevitably lead to major changes in healthcare and life sciences. Though adaptation to new technology is a gradual process and medical treatment […]

Medical Payment

6 Top Medical Payment Billing Software Service Solutions Companies in 2019 We may select 6 latest and unique Medical Payment Software System Solutions companies to analyze their innovations in the form of case studies of reliable and high trust factor. These are also called medical payment companies, medical billing companies or medical payment software companies. These have been done on […]

Medical Software

What is Customized Software Development Process for Solutions in the Medical sector? Medical Software Meaning: The fields of medicine and health science go hand in hand with cutting-edge technology. Thus, we should understand medical software from this perspective. From transformational advancement to breakthrough discovery, medicine and health rely heavily on innovation. Medical software is a soft tool that aids in […]

Modern Medicine

What is Modern Medicine and how is it developed?  Let us understand how modern medicine development takes place, and why clinical control trials are the key to confirming the efficacy of drugs or modern medicine.   Modern Medicine Definition The definition of modern medicine can be “A medical system where doctors and other healthcare or paramedical professionals as pharmacists, and […]

Ayurvedic Sex Medicine

Best in Ayurvedic Sex Medicine for Sexual Power Strength & Stamina There is a flood of medicines in the medicine market with ample sex power medicines that would increase your stamina. However, there are different modern as well as ayurvedic medicines for sex power, working on the basis of different reasons. You can choose the best ayurvedic sex medicine on […]


Are you ready to get pregnant? All About Pregnancy What is a woman’s child bearing age? If biologically analyzed then a woman can become pregnant or bear offspring anytime when they reach puberty- the time their menstrual cycle starts till it ends, i.e., between 12 to 51 years of age. Thus, this is her best pregnancy time period. Pregnancy can […]

Massage Oil

Top 14 Oils for Massaging Whether you give yourself a massage at home or work as a massage therapist, massage oil helps to move your hands without hard rubbing on your skin. There are lots of oil and lotions to select from, but but experts do not prescribe all of them. Some people may feel the skin greasy, while others […]

Low Sex Drive in Women

Loss of Libido in Females Meaning and Diagnosis Low sex drive in Female: If a women continuously feels that she is lacking in sexual disorder or feel no essence of physical intimacy then her diagnosis can show hypoactive sexual disorder. In other words there is low sex drive in women as such. Here might be certain suggestions that your doctor […]

High Blood Pressure

What is Diagnosis Control Treatment and Cure of Hypertension? Lets learn everything about high blood pressure treatment or hypertension cure aka HBP treatment and cure worldwide. What is High Blood Pressure? When you visit a doctor for your HBP problems, the doctor first measures your blood pressure by placing an inflatable arm cuff around your arm between the elbow and shoulder […]

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