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What is Tooth Cavity Filling? Knowledge on Causes Types Problems and Expectations

A tooth cavity filling is a process that is followed to cover up a crack or cavity that has occurred in your tooth. This filling is done by a dentist at their clinic.


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1. Teeth Cavity Filling : What to Expect

2. Types of Cavity Fillings

3. When does Cavity Filling require a replacement?

4. More Potential Problems with Cavity Fillings



Teeth Cavity Filling : What to Expect

It is expected that when you opt for a treatment of your tooth, do spend an hour at the dentist’s clinic. This gives him sufficient time to diagnose your tooth, take x-rays, discuss the dental treatment and care procedure in detail. So when the treatment starts the dentist numbs the surrounding area (teeth, gums and surrounding skin) to avoid the intense pain and discomfort during the process. Now he would eject the decay from the tooth with his surgical instruments and replace the hole with a filling. This process would take a couple of minutes.

After this process, you will feel numbness for a few hours. This is though not a risky procedure but just to be on the safer side make sure you keep the dentist’s contact information in case you face any emergency or have any certain queries.

Filling cavities is the most common tooth filling. But fillings can also take place in case of cracks, teeth grinding (bruxism) or to replace any broken tooth.

A Video showing dentist carrying out filling procedure

What are the types of Dental Cavity Fillings?

There are various kinds of tooth fillings but then with this comes a couple of pros and cons. Naming a few tooth fillings- gold, silver amalgam (a composite of mercury, silver, and other metals), tooth-colored composite material, porcelain, and a special type of glass. The best tooth filling would depend on your budget- how much you wish to spend, how much would be under the cover of insurance and on your preference.

The variety of filling materials varies from strength and color. Amalgam and composite are the two most common fillings.


What is Amalgam Filling?

The doctor’s most preferred filling is Amalgam Filling and dental professionals have been using this for over a century. Amalgam filling fills cavities at the back of the mouth (in the molars), where the chewing takes place. This tooth cavity filling is strong and would take good care of these areas. Amalgam fillings are made of metallic elements and can be noticed when you smile or laugh. This filling is the least expensive among all other fillings.


What is Composite Fillings?

This filling is a mixture of glass or quartz filler and is matched to the color of one’s tooth. A Composite filling is also considered to be a durable filling and is considered apt for filling small to mid-sized areas where the chewing activity takes place.

What are Metal fillings?

The most common type of filling metal is gold or silver filling. Gold filling is considered to be 10 times more expensive than that of silver filling and gold filling is also preferred as its durability is more than that of a silver filling. Though metal fillings are not a choice of some but then they can last for 10-15 years before replacement.

What are Ceramic fillings?

Ceramic cavity filling i.e., made of porcelain is of the tooth color and over time it may show stains than that of a composite filling. A ceramic filling is expensive and can range similar to the price of a gold filling.

What is Glass Ionomer filling?

Acrylic and glass are blended to develop a cavity filling that would release fluoride to help protect teeth. Glass Ionomer is less durable and would require a change within 5 years.


How to take care of my cavity Fillings done by Dentist?

After the tooth cavity filling, there would be some amount of discomfort and sensitivity that would be experienced but that is temporary. Take good care of your oral structure. Use products that are designed to protect from sensitivity. Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Plus Enamel Shield Toothpaste is for sensitive teeth and protects from any future decay. As well as Oral-B Glide Floss for sensitive gums shall not irritate the filling surrounding.


When does Cavity Filling require a replacement?

A Filling is a long term investment; they generally last for years but can wear out due to chewing or grinding. In case you are of the habit of clenching or grinding your tooth, you might require a fast filling.

In case you find a crack or any worn out area make sure you visit a dentist soon and get the necessary treatment and recommendation as soon as possible.  When you have a damaged filling and apply pressure on the same by chewing activity, that tooth would require an expensive repair than that of a simple filling. If your teeth decay takes place around a filling, whether or not the filling is damaged, your dentist would treat the area with a crown rather than undergoing another filling.


More Potential Problems with Tooth Cavity Fillings

It is important to understand and know your potential problems due to cavity filling in details. Ask your dentist about the adjustment and repair. The most noted complications would include:

•    Are there any Infections due to Cavity Fillings?: There may be a situation where the tooth cavity filling might be pulled away unknowingly due to any oral activity or pressure. This would create a space, which would become a breeding ground for bacteria. In case you notice any such gap, make sure you visit a dentist as soon as possible.

•    Are there any Damages caused due to tooth cavity filling?: At times a tooth cavity filling may break, crack or fall out, and this damaged would be if you hurt your mouth accidentally or chew or bite something hard. Concern a dentist at the earliest to avoid any kind of irritation and infection to the unprotected tooth.





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