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Sperm Meaning – The Fertility that Matters

In medical science we know that a single ejaculation releases 50 million sperms and only a couple of sperms are healthy and ready to fertilize an egg. It is also important to understand that the sperm count and its fertility decreases with age. So one should be aware of the facts so that proper care could be taken for your precious assets. Good sperm and sex health means everything in life of a man, while rest all are subsidiary to it. We know sperm with different names, like sperm meaning in Hindi is ‘shukranu‘ [ Chinese: 精子 ; Arabic: نطفة ; Russian: сперматозоид ; German: Sperma]



Factors That Stop From Being A Healthy Sperm

Healthy sperm is mostly a result of a healthy body. Many men do have fertile sperm count, no matter what. However, it is their lifestyle but some have a serious fertility issues. In case you face any fertility issue consult your doctor:


     Tight trousers and underwear, synthetic material and heat

    Doctors give suggestions to keep those most important jewels of your pressure-free and in a cooler temperature. This helps the testes to function properly and increase the production of sperms.


Geography for better Sperm Count

   Studies by experts prove that your geographical location has a great impact on your sperm count. Research on sperms of men in New York and Los Angeles took place and it was seen that men of New York have healthier and more sperms. But the exact reason is still unknown.


Hot tubs and saunas

    It is advisable to keep those jewels in a cooler temperature, so frequent visits to saunas may lead to a decrease in sperm production.


  Alcohol and Sperm

    Frequent consumption of alcohol leads to the production of estrogen by the liver which decreases the sperm count. Alcohol tends to poison the sperm-producing cells of the testicle.


   Drugs and Sperm

   Consult a doctor before you have any drug. Drugs that contain steroids or cytotoxic drugs used in cancer treatment and opiates can affect fertility. Ask your doctor about the side effects of the drugs they suggest to you for a long time.


  Environmental Toxins

   Various toxins are present in the environment, some we are aware of and some we are unaware of. It is seen that radiations cause sperm damage and birth defects. Other substances like perfumes containing phthalates, some types of pesticides, organic mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, and estrogens in a water supply.


   Smoking and Sperm

    It decreases sperm fertility. It affects the sperm’s health and its movement.


   Time of the Day

    Research shows that during the morning the sperm count is maximum.


  Excessive ejaculation and prolonged abstinence

   Excessive intercourse in a day decreases the sperm count and even affects a healthy body.



    A balanced diet is important and it is advisable to avoid any toxic food items.



   The enhancement of sperm count & its function can be done by intake of Folic acid, selenium and zinc sulfate.


   Aging and Sperm

   If your age is more and your female partner is in her 20’s it can take her around two years to conceive and if both of you are in your mid 20’s then this would only take a couple of months. Also, the semen the man produces decreases and the ability of the sperm to move towards an egg starts decreasing since maturity age by age.


  In vitro fertilization (IVF)

    If the male partner is 41 years of age or above, the chances of conceiving for his partner becomes challenging.


 High Miscarriage Risk

   The risk of miscarriage has deep alignment with the age of the male partner. If the male partner is 45 years old, his egg is injected in the female partner’s womb but then it’s not healthy. For a certain period, it may look functional but then it just breaks apart.


   Chances of Autism

    When a 40-year male becomes a father, he increases the chances of the newborn by more than four times to develop an autism spectrum disorder. But in the case of a 30-year-old man, the chances of autism disorder are negligible.


      How can sperm and male fertility be improved?

   All this while we are discussing the factors that affect fertility, now let’s understand its improvement. At an older age also you can take certain precautionary measures that would help you maintain your fertility.

  •      Eat healthily and Exercise: Obesity can hamper your fertility. One should have a good routine where healthy food and proper exercise should be included. Losing weight can contribute to one’s sperm count.
  •       Lifestyle changes: Try avoiding stress, alcohol, smoking and excessive intake of drugs. They affect your fertility as they become a part of your lifestyle
  •       See a fertility specialist: In case a woman finds trouble conceiving, she should visit a fertility specialist. S/he would suggest some tests and investigate on your daily habits. This would help understand the different causes for infertility and the basis that you suggest ways to combat the infertility issues at any age.


Your sperm and her fertile eggs would help to bring in generations so you should take proper care of them and whenever you feel the necessity of a specialist, do meet one.


Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicines to Increase Sperm and Male Sexual Power



Become Father at the age of 75, should he?

A father at the age of 75 has its flavor. Though it’s a risk in most cases it comes with a few benefits too. I know this is an age for him is for grand parenting but then he chose to be a father because he can.


Every man has his sperm factory and what can disrupt it is:-

  •           Illnes
  •           Accident
  •           Medication


You can become a father at 75 if you are healthy enough, financially strong and your wife is younger than you. Though with time the fertility of the eggs decline but a man can produce until the end of his life.


So this is what we can see nowadays, our leaders our celebrities parenting after the ’70s. a list of them are:

  •          Singer Mick Jagger father for the 8th time at the age of 73
  •          Singer Ron Wood father of twin daughters at the age of 68
  •          President Donald Trump was a father at the age of 60
  •          Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was a father at the age of 72
  •          Comedian Steve Martin was a father for the first time at the age of 67
  •          Actor Nick Nolte was a father at the age of 67
  •          Actor Tony Randall was a father at the age of 79


Be a Father Late on Hike

It is not that easy that everyone can afford to be a father at his later age. The ideal age of becoming a father is 25 years or more. But it has been noticed that 58% of men older than 35 years are now ready for parenting. The reason behind being:

  •                They are financially stable
  •                They are focused on their career
  •                Their relationship has grown stronger over the years
  •                They have a secured career to take a break


Risks of Parenting at an older age, not only Sperms

Old age fathers can be threatened to:

  •          Down syndrome
  •          Genetic abnormalities – autism and schizophrenia
  •          Certain cancers in children like breast cancer and central nervous tumors
  •          Children may also develop mental health challenges
  •          They also develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  •          They are also open to risks like psychosis, suicide attempts, substance abuse, failing grades in school, and low educational attainment
  •          Risk of drawfism

Research has proven that a man with healthy sperms at the age of 30 can also have healthy sperms at the age of 60 even if he loses a little.


Sperm / Sperms – It risks

After the age of 30 there has been a tremendous fall of sperm fertility, the reasons being:

  •            Age
  •            Exposure to radiation and environmental toxins
  •            Loss of both Leydig cells- the cells in the testicles that make testosterone and Sertoli cells- which support and nurture new sperm


Mutation effect on Fathering or Paternity:

  •           A dad at the age of 30 passes 55 mutations to the child which is considered to be healthy but with each passing year the number increase by two and this is challenging.
  •            The sperms become defective with years and contains harmful DNA mutation


       They can cause birth defects like:
  1.            Chromosomal abnormalities
  2.            Genetic disease


Though there is no specific age to become a father then there should be some considerations and planning. There are high chances of leaving the child at a very younger age without proper parenting which leads their life to a panic situation. When you decide to be a parent at an older age make sure you have enough finance to support the child once you are gone at an early age. A child’s mind is developed by the people he is surrounded by. The society should not fail to develop good humans.



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