Chakra, Chakras of Cosmic Energy

Chakra or Chakras is polysemous, generally pertaining to energy sources

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Chakra, source of energy in the cosmic Naruto

Chakra, Japanese: チ ャ ク ラ, a Cantonese translation of “Zhuo Luo”, is an energy produced by the body’s control of the perfect fusion of the energy of each component. It is a source of energy for performing ninjutsu, illusion, body art or making a string to bind opponents or cutting off the material that is also composed of chakras.

And this energy composition is: 1. From 130 trillion cells in the human body, each cell’s body energy intake. 2. Spiritual energy that has experienced many cultivations and accumulated experience. 3. If you practice immortality, one portion is natural energy.

After the extraction of Chakra, the “Seal” can be used.

There are two changes in Chakra: morphological changes and changes in properties.

Chakra’s concept is derived from the chakras in Indian mythology. The contents of Chakra’s cultivation can be found in both Hinduism and Buddhism (especially Tantricism), while ancient Japanese samurai and ninjas have to practice tacitism. Chakra in “Naruto” is based on this.

Japanese name:チ ャ ク ラ

Fundamental change:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Wind
  4. Thunder
  5. Earth
  6. Yyin
  7. Yang


Table of Content

1. Change of nature

  •  Features
  •  Property change combinations

2. Sources

3. Basic Three Techniques

  •  Ninjutsu
  •  Physical
  •  Illusion

4. Special Techniques

  •  Mantra
  •  Sealing
  •  Secret biography

5. Blood Relay Limit

6. Aging properties

What are change in nature characteristics of Chakras?

Chakra has 7 changes in nature: fire, water, wind, thunder, earth, yin, and yang. Changes in the nature of yin, such as the shadow bondage of the Nara family, and spiritual ninjutsu in the mountains, while changes in the nature of yang, such as the doubling of the autumn road family, medical ninjutsu and so on.

Yin Yin, using spiritual energy, can create a material image from nothing.


Impotence use

The energy of the body injects chakras or will into inorganic matter, giving it life. The Six Immortals use this to transform the world.

In addition, Chakra of the Beast is different from Chakra of the Ninja. In terms of greater power and more difficult to control. But in terms of both “quality” and “quantity”, they are stronger than those of the general ninja Chakra.


Fire Ranch

High-temperature chakras can burn objects they come into contact with. Causes the subject to burn, as well as the attack specialization of “Wind”.


Wind Ranch

Chakra, a sharp blade, can cut everything. It is used to deal with special ninjas and ninjutsu. When used on the chakra blade, it will maximize the cutting force. It is the most attacking in the middle and close range.


Mine Ranch

It works best with medium and long-distance diffusion type ninjutsu. Added to metal weapons to increase lethality and electric shock


Earth Ranch

It can change the hardness, composition, mass and gravity of objects. Masters can make ninjutsu objects and even the body become as hard as steel or soft as clay. In addition, “soil” is very suitable for making earth walls to resist other ninjutsu attacks.


Water Ranch

It is suitable for “morph change”. It can be turned into a fog to hide a figure, or a tsunami to block others, or into a form such as a water bomb to attack the enemy. It has a high auxiliary effect.

Everyone has Chakra attributes by nature, and has nothing to do with changes in nature. Naruto’s wind chime always exists, but I don’t know it myself.

Generally speaking, after reaching the upper tolerance level, there will generally be more than two kinds of property changes.

The five property changes have advantages and disadvantages to other property changes: fire is better than wind, wind is better than thunder, thunder is better than soil, soil is better than water, and water is better than fire.


Combination of changes in Chakra properties

Combining the changes of two Chakra properties at the same time can generate a new tadpole, the blood succession limit. Once the succession of the blood following boundary is successfully cultivated, it will change its own bloodline. This new maggot will be recorded by the gene and passed on to its next generation through blood relationship in the entire family.


Introduction of sources Chakras

According to Uchiha, the tree of God is the founder of heaven and earth. The god tree has never been involved in any human war. The god tree is the root of all chakras. All the Chakras of the Ninja Ninjas are derived from the Divine Tree.

Suddenly one day, the holy fruit was born on the tree of God, and the holy fruit would bear once every 1,000 years. However, the ancestors of humankind have left their ancestral teachings, and must never touch the holy fruit.

However, due to the endless war of human beings, a princess was so eager to win that she stole the holy fruit. Her name is Datong Muhui Ye. It is rumored that the princess later gained the power of God and calmed down the war by herself.

This princess was the first human to have Chakra. Her son was born with Chakra, and was the second person to have Chakra.

However, the sacred tree from which the holy fruit was taken, in order to recapture Chakra, changed into a ten-tailed appearance, and began to run away. This is the ten-tailed.

Datong Muhuiye’s son successfully stopped the ten tails. His name is Datong Muyuyi. He clarified the truth of Chakra, created Ninja Sect, and was the ancestor of Ninja. He also has a name called “The Six Immortals”.

These incidents are recorded on the Uchiha Stele, according to Uchiha.

In fact, Ninja is actually the name of the power of connection in Chakra. The ten tail is actually the big tube Muhui Ye Ji, the big tube Mu Huiye and the god tree look like one.

As for the energy to launch this chakra. The effect will vary depending on the ninja you want to launch.

It is very important to control Chakra accurately. If only 30% of the quantity is needed but 45% is manufactured, it is equivalent to 15% wasted.


Chakra, the source of energy for ninjutsu

Simply put, Chakra is the “energy” of jutsu. The mental and physical energy of the ninja itself and the so-called “energy” echo each other, transforming the internal energy of the body with Chakra. The conversion efficiency will also affect the ability of the caster.


What are the basic 3 techniques under chakras?

  1. Ninjutsu
  2. Physical
  3. Iillusion

Refining the chakras in the body and using them, or allowing the surgeon’s physical body to achieve a direct effect, is called ninjutsu. In comparison to ninjutsu and physical and illusion, there are more diversified choices for people to launch their maneuvers depending on the situation. It can be said that they are comprehensively applied to tasks. Also, whether in the village or personally, there are cases where they are good at some ninjutsu and not good at some ninjutsu.

Traits-Ninjutsu is mostly classified by attributes. For example, using fire, the characteristics of fire are called “fire maggots”, and the characteristics of water are called “water maggots”. In addition, if the surgeon can understand the appropriate ninjutsu and then use it, the effect will be doubled.

Linked Skills: If you use more than two Ninjutsu at the same time, it will increase the effect of the spell. Naruto used multiple shadow avatars combined with color seduction to complete the more powerful harem technique.

Advantages: The surgeon can use ninjutsu to face opponents who are not good for his body, even for long-range attacks.

Disadvantage: The most difficult aspect of the technique is the control of Chakra.

In addition, the movement and sequence of the final printing are also complicated and often take a lot of time.


Body art

As the literal meaning is, it is a technique that uses its own body to attack, directly causing physical harm to the opponent. No seal is required, so you can achieve continuous attacks that the opponent can take advantage of. However, because simple physical skills are available to everyone, the actual gap between exercise and non-existence is obvious.

Gangquan and Rouquan: There are two types of so-called physical skills. One is Gangquan, which causes injuries to opponents such as fractures, tears, etc.  The other is the use of Chakra to destroy internal organs and meridians.

Advantages: Starts quickly

Disadvantages: Difficulties in attacking long-range opponents. In addition, difficult physical operations place a great physical burden on the surgeon.



When the other party is not paying attention, it is introduced into the illusory world, causing mental and physical weakness and confusion, which is a tempting hypnotic method. It is very different from other ninjas in that it does not directly attack the opponent. Illusions can be cast in a wide range, giving the caster the best possible condition.

Advantages: Because you can’t find yourself, the risk is small, and you can target more than one person at the same time.

Disadvantages: Prolonged use will have side effects on the practitioner’s body, and it will be difficult to cause physical damage to the opponent.


Special art

Special Techniques-Spell Sealing, Sealing, Secret Transmission.



A technique performed to support the ability and actions of the other party. Anyone who has been imprinted will have a seal as evidence. What is reflected in the secret seal of the caster is the psychological and physical pain caused by the caste. Due to the indispensability of the imprint of spells, his details are often full of mysteries.



This is a technique to seal the opponent’s Chakra with a seal. Seals will appear on the body of the person being sealed, that is, seal type. Even and odd seals have different effects. In addition, it is also a mysterious mystery.



Groups or ethnic groups living in a limited area communicate orally with their children and grandchildren, a technique of high confidentiality. Although secret tales rarely require special talents and pedigrees, they are basically not rumored.


Blood relay

This type of jutsu can only be inherited by kinship through genes, or it can be used by limb transplantation or gene implantation. However, compared with those who originally have this kind of blood, the use conditions or effects will be limited. Even if the parent is a person who has the blood succession limit, the child may not inherit the special ability of the parent. Even if they inherit the ability, I don’t know when the “capacity” will be awakened.

The “blood following limit” has no regularity, and it can be said to be a very mysterious capability. It cannot be copied and learned except by the same blood. Blood Relay Boundary allows the owner to use a very powerful special ninjutsu.


Fusion of properties

In addition, the fusion of the three properties is called the blood following elimination, and the fusion of the seven properties of wind, thunder, water, fire, soil, yin and yang is called the blood following.


Special Introduction

Prohibition: The conditions that constitute prohibition can be divided into two major reasons:

The first is the situation that the technique is related to the life of the caster (such as the multiple shadow avatar, the twin snakes, the Lilianhua, etc.);

The second is the situation where the result of the operation method will be extremely contrary to the law of heaven (such as the possession of the body, the dirty earth rebirth, etc.).

Especially in the latter, the scrolls of inheritance are usually sealed.



The so-called aging properties mostly refer to the limitation of the time limit that Chakra attaches to the body or the time weapon from the body. In general, when special ninjutsu is used (such as You Nu Zhi Wei’s insect deception), a large number of chakras are attached to the body surface.

In fact, chakras are not just the original chakras on the body surface. Carat constantly replaces the original disappearing Chakra. Under normal circumstances, chakras extracted from 2 billion cells can only last one second in the air, on the body surface, or on weapons. Therefore, most masters are quick and quick when using Chakra Shield.

Simple example: The thunderbolt armor used by the fourth generation of Leiying is to continuously transport thunderbolt chakras to the body surface to achieve the effect of armor.

While using thunderbolt armor, it is also constantly consuming chakras. If Lei Ying’s Chakra is full, he can only use Thunder Bolt armor for up to 3 hours. After 3 hours, Chakra will use up all. Most people used to think that once Sasuke’s Cao Zhijian was attached to Chidori, it would no longer be necessary to care about it. Actually this is not the case. Any chakra, as long as it is extracted from the body regardless of it, will disappear after a period of time.


So, what is the average time?

If Naruto uses an ordinary spiral pill, it needs to consume one percent of its own chakra. There are about 2 trillion cells in the human body. If Naruto no longer cares about it after using the spiral pill, the spiral pill will disappear after one minute. Like Naruto’s shadow avatar.



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