What Mental Stress Disorder does to the Body?

Stress Meaning & Stress definition: Stress is termed as a situational pressure that piles up in the mind and drains the body. Stress is developed due to workload, financial challenges, a near or dear one at trouble, prolonged health disturbance, unhealthy environment, perceptions and many more reasons.


Stress is of two types: positive and negative or scientifically called eustress or distress. Positive stress helps in rebuilding one’s capability, it is also a motivation for one to react to any given situation but negative stress comes with a lot of challenges like anxiety, depression, fear, strokes, heart attack, ulcers, and paralysis.


Despite the broad categorization of these two stresses, there are two more- overstress (hyper stress) and under stress (hypo stress). It is always advisable to balance these two stresses and get as much as positive stress which leads to productivity.


Stress can be built up due to perception as and when one feels that situations are way above their capability to deal with then they perceive stress. People tend to overthink that affects their physical stability.


Mental Stress causes and management

Causes of Stress

The neutrality of stress: It isnon-specific stress as this can cause to be eustress or distress as differently being perceived by different people and their reaction to a situation. It can be handled with time, exposure and support of people.


Different Types of Stress

When we feel that the situation is uncontrollable, we panic and hustle around which adversely affects our health and psychological well-being. The stress researchers have categorized stress into four- Crises/ catastrophes, major life events, micro stressors built up due to daily hectic schedule, and ambient stressors.


  • Crises/ catastrophes: It happens due to some natural calamities like earthquake or flood or any natural disaster. They are not controllable and cause a loss of various things and people which makes the human mind sad and insecure.


  • Major life events: The major life events that continue for a prolonged period tend to be more stressful than others. Like the death of a loved one, marriage, breakup, moving to a new place, the birth of a child majorly is more stressful and this can be either positive or negative. There can be a different kind of stress like moving from a high school or going to a college but then as per researchers, these are less stress-prone though they create some impact of loss and insecurity in the mind. This also brings about a change in our personality.


  • Microstressors: These are a part of the day to day activities like completing work under deadlines, traffic jams, frequent decision making, heavy music, unpleasant situations, unhealthy personalities, etc. These situations are also packaged with conflicts. Conflicts with people or situations wherein you either have to choose between two attractive options or two unattractive options or compromise between an attractive and an unattractive one.
  • Ambient Stressors: This is a stress that is created due to the ambiance in which you are present that may include pollution, crowd, heavy music or traffic. They generally tend to have a negative impact on the mind of people.



 Organizational Stress

This kind of stress happens due to work pressure or the unhealthy environment in the organization and creates a negative impact on the mind and drains a lot of energy.


Common Signs of Mental Stress or Stress Diagnosis

1.   Acne:

When one feels stressed, they tend to touch their face ample number of times which climbs up to spread bacteria and develop acne. Stress is one of the reasons for acne.There are other reasons as well like hormonal changes, excess oil or blocked pores.

2.   Headaches:

In most of the cases, it is sited that people suffer from chronic headaches for a prolonged period due to stress and this may be experienced by them for a couple of months. Due to headache, people may suffer from insomnia, dehydration or excessive alcohol/drug consumption.


3.   Chronic Pain:

There is a common problem cited due to stress and that is chronic back pain or shoulder pain. This is due to higher levels of stress on a daily basis. Though, there might be different reasons aligned to the pain like age factor, injuries, poor posture or nerve issue.


4.   Frequent Sickness:

In case you are battling with a frequent health issue, you may panic and stress out and this would lower your immune system. Your respiratory system might be affected and you may also be prone to infections. Though, stress has been cited as one of the reasons behind a low immune system there might also be other reasons like poor diet, less physical activity, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.


5.   Decreased energy and insomnia:

Stress consumes a lot of thought which squeezes the most amount of your energy and disrupts your sleep. This would start making you feel restless and irritated.


6.   Changes in libido:

Due to a high amount of stress, it is noticed that there men and women either feel less aroused or they are not mostly satisfied with sexual intimacy.


7.   Digestive Issues:

Stress may lead to digestive issues and can come up with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which we can characterize as stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. 


8.   Appetite Changes:

We have generally noticed that if we are sad, either we overeat or eat nothing at all. Similar is the case of stress – frequent eating becomes a habit or else there is no interest even on your favorite food. You feel so disconnected.


9.   Depression:

Prolonged stress may rise to have chronic or acute depression. 


10.   Rapid Heartbeat:

Due to stress, one might be thinking of something or panicking and this increases the heart rate and blood pressure.


11.   Sweating:

Stress increases the level of seating by two to five points and at times this may also be accompanied by odor.



Management of Psychological Stress


Mental Stress Symptoms and Mental Stress Relief

Hence, we can conclude that stress is a common symptom and comes with a lot of effects. So, it is important to have an understanding of the same.Here, I would mention a few which needs to be kept in mind:-

1.   Stress affects all: Some know how to deal with it and some learn how to deal with it. It’s all a matter of time, for some it is sooner and for others, it is later.

2.   Not all stress is bad: Some stresses bring out the productivity in people and some drain out the productivity.

3.   The long term stress is injurious: Different people have different effects of stress. Some of the effects may be like sadness, insomnia, infection, digestive disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes, flu, common cold, anxiety attacks, chronic pain, headache or even anger.

4.   Ways to manage stress:

  • Understand the problem
  • Understand the causes of the problem
  • Review your lifestyle


When you feel stressed, try to understand what it is that is affecting the most- are you feeling ill or tired or having a headache. Then, understand what you can do about it and change your pattern of living by engaging in something that helps reduce the same.



Protection from Stress

  • Eat a healthy diet that has essential nutrients such as Vitamins, minerals, and water.
  • Reduce or avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Exercise to keep your body and mind focused on yourself and not problems.
  • Make time to relax and self-pampering.
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Try getting a good sleep deviating from the problems of life.
  • Be kind to yourself and let go that is not under your control.



You need to follow the set norms of the treatment in order to get relief. You should have proper knowledge and willingness to follow it. Always remember to seek help when you feel stressed. It is good to discuss with a close one who understands you or consult a doctor who might help you. Stress is a common symptom these days and mostly everyone undergoes this at different intervals and situations.




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