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    I’m sure you already recommend products with other people but most times you aren’t getting paid.

    For instance, you know a pal, a colleague in the office, your own personal brother, your religious brothers/sisters, your social websites friends etc that you bought that cool watch or sunglasses from XYZ store and then they proceed to buy it.

    You know your mum or sister in places you bought that wig or made that hair that’s turned you into a Queen from XYZ salon and they went ahead and purchased it too.

    Though the only thing is: You don’t earn money for your recommendations, whilst others earn money from theirs.

    That is simply affiliate marketing.

    Best Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria – Expertnaire

    Expertnaire is probably the few high paying affiliate products in Nigeria that pays weekly – every Friday with huge commissions on hot selling products – usually online courses the hot cake right this moment in Nigeria.

    You can do no wrong selling web based classes on Expertnaire platform that is balanced having a very livable commission paid as weekly income for your banking account every Friday.

    Products and courses on Expertnaire affiliate marketing program includes;

    Toyin Omotoso sales and marketing course – N18,000 with 50% commission.

    Instagram growth hack – N50,000 with 50% commission

    Canada immigration visa – N25,000 with 50% commission

    Marketing intelligence – N15,000 with 40% commission

    Expertnaire Online marketing platform

    Once you have registered on Expertnaire as a possible affiliate, you’ll know that the Expertnaire platform is quite simple to operate.

    After you have successfully login to your Expertnaire account after paying your N10,000 registration fee, you will observe a dashboard containing your

    Historical sales – Which is the amount of products you’ve sold from Expertnaire.

    In history earnings – How much you earn from Expertnaire.

    Balance – Just how much you’ve currently on Expertnaire

    Next Payout – Simply how much you will definately get paid around the coming Friday.

    Because Expertnaire pays every Friday of the week in order that will probably be your next payout balance.

    Expertnaire products

    There are lots of products on Expertnaire platform.

    Let me list 9 of my personal favorite hot selling products or courses below together with their prices and commissions you will get for selling each. By the names, you can easily discover why these are hot sellers because they’re courses or products Nigerians are desperately searching for on Udemy, Coursera and the rest.

    Freelance masterclass – N15,000 with 50% commission

    Google Display Ads – N15,000 with 50% commission

    US importation masterclass – N18,000 with 50% commission

    7-figure export business program – N40,000 with 50% commission

    Four weeks body transformation program – N12,500 with 50% commission

    10x eCommerce blueprint – (another of my personal favorite) – N25,000 with 50% commission

    Ecomm domination mastermind – Mini importation – NN29,999 with 40% commission

    High score IELTS program – N12,000 with 50% commission

    Look at those prices and commissions, now close your vision and picture how much you can make selling them monthly.

    One of the benefits about these courses or products is that they are created by Nigerians for Nigerians.

    Proven and tested to be effective the following, in a similar situation or condition you might be in right now.

    But you can use numerous samples of People like you generating massive income online in Nigeria through Experntiare online marketing.

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