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What is Software System for Administration of Hospitals (HMS)?

Hospital Information System (HIS) is a kind of marginal science integrating medicine, information, management, computer and other disciplines. It is widely used in developed countries and is creating good social and economic benefits. Hospital management system (HMS) is the necessary technical support and infrastructure for the operation of modern hospitals. The purpose of realizing the hospital management system is to strengthen the management of hospitals with more modern, scientific and standardized means. Its purpose is to improve the efficiency of hospitals and the quality of medical care. Establishing a new image of modern hospitals is also an inevitable direction for future hospital development.


Table of Content
  1.                 Introduction
  2.                 Background
  3.                  Information
  4.                   System Design
  5.                   Application Software
  6.                   Hardware Platform
  7.                    Network Design
  8.                     Platform
  9.                       Services
  10.                      Training Services
  11.                     Benefits
  12.                      Conclusion



Hospital Information System Meaning Definition and Overview

HIS or Hospital Management System is “an integrated information system for managing all aspects of hospital operations” such like:

  •          Medical
  •          Administrative
  •          Financial
  •          Compliance
  •          Legal
  •          HR
  •          And so on..

It covers:

  •          Business intelligence
  •          Electronic health records
  •          Revenue cycle management

 Hospitals and healthcare facilities under this system improve the service quality, reduce operating costs and improve the revenue cycle by using such hospital management systems.


What problems does a hospital management system solve?

Hospital Management System typically covers up to solve the problems of:

  • Outpatient and Inpatient Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Inventory
  • eClaim
  • Mobile Apps
  • Tablet Versions
  • Online Scheduling
  • Secured Messaging
  • Alert Software
  • Doctor and Patient Portals
  • Accounting
  • HR/Payroll
  • Dietary
  • Blood Bank
  • Mortuary
  • Lab Machines
  • Biometric Integration
  • HL7 / Integrated PACS
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Feedback


Introduction to Hospital Management System

In order to meet the needs of the development of hospitals in the United States several companies like IBM brought up this concept of Hospital Management in the USA. Then China, in order to make the medicine meet the world science and technology as soon as possible an Electronic System Engineering company concentrated a large amount of manpower and material resources, drawing on the advanced experience of HIS at home and abroad, and combining the traditional management of domestic hospitals. The hospital’s management information system was developed in terms of mode and actual demand. In 2001, Huiyuan Hospital Management Information System was identified as a software product by Dalian Information Industry Bureau. This product is a hospital management information system that is truly suitable for China’s national conditions. It is the only one hospital information system with independent intellectual property rights in China and IBM Hospital Information System Solutions.


Background of Hospital Management System

As we all know, the hospital is a special industry, which has both health management functions and corporate management functions. The business and composition of hospital institutions is more complex than traditional companies. In the process of hospital operation management reform, it faces the following problems:


a. The management objectives are not clear

Some hospitals have unclear operational management objectives and backward methods. They only stay in simple bonus accounting, and have little knowledge about cost control, cost assessment, financial budget and other operational management.


b. The lack of advanced management methods and tools

Although the basic information system of the hospital has been well established, such as HIS (Hospital Information System). There are not many applications of advanced management methods and tools. Many hospitals are only at the current trial stage.


c. The hospital business process is not clear

The existing information system is difficult to meet the needs of management. Thus, it is constrained by many reasons such as management system, hospital management system and information system developer capability. At present, the information system that is mature, perfect and clearly clear the hospital business process are not many. This has seriously affected the implementation of hospital management measures and management tools.


The main reason of the problems faced by hospital operation management, ERP makes the hospital’s operational management become a reality. Hospital operation management needs to improve the operation and management of hospitals with a set of advanced management ideas and ERP with hospital business attributes.

When it comes to ERP, in the past, it was more applied to manufacturing processes or discrete aspects. But today’s ERP scope is no longer limited to business processes. It is more of an advanced management idea. After years of application accumulation, now ERP has integrated the most advanced management essence. For the start of hospital operation management, the construction of hospital ERP has been broken. Although ERP is still in the initial application stage of hospital operation management, we see the future. To improve hospital operation management, the construction of hospital ERP is indispensable.


Hospital Management System Informatization

In the public discussion on medical reform, the voices of 6 million medical staff across China were almost shielded because they were seen by many as part of the problem.


During the occasion of the medical reform program, hospital deans used a number of public platforms to offer advice and suggestions. On the 9-10th of this month, the annual meeting of Chinese hospital presidents was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. On the 11th, the 4th China Hospital Development Forum Zhongshan Summit was held by Southern Weekend and Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhongshan Health Bureau and National Health Technology Industry Base. Many elite deans are non-stop, and at the same time appear in two forums.


“The topic centers of hospital denominations have been medical reforms recently, but no one has ever consulted for it.” Yang Yinxue, dean of the Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical College, told the Southern Weekend reporters, “We also want to participate in medical reform but not only for the benefit of Shaoguan. We also want it because we have such responsibility and feelings.”



Shi Yingkang, president of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, said that their hospital is the largest single-point hospital in the world. He said, “We have to change from the object of reform to the participants of reform.”

Under the current system, “public” hospitals are no longer “public” in terms of funding sources – on average, government financial input accounts for only 8% of the cost of public hospitals. Large-scale top three hospitals may only account for 6%. Some large hospitals interviewed are as low as 1%, and the value of doctors’ services cannot be fully reflected in the normal system. This is resulting in institutional and profit-making behaviors such as hospitals and doctors making medicines to support patients and inducing patient needs. At the same time, China’s medical security system is lacking. The expensive medical treatment has become a major social problem.


Somewhat surprisingly, the deans did not want the government to include public hospitals. Instead, they unanimously advocated that the government should protect the expenditures of primary hospitals and develop primary hospitals into positions that provide basic medical care and public health. Large hospitals can be market-oriented and do not need the government to raise them. However, it is necessary to introduce a corporatized management system within the hospital. This is giving the hospital administrators the human rights, financial rights, decision-making powers and other similar rights to the company CEO. This competes in the market and builds large hospitals into scientific research.

In other words, for large public hospitals, mechanisms are more important than ownership.


Importance of IT for Medicare

It is particularly noteworthy that the deans are also aware of the extreme importance of information technology for medical care, government supervision and especially hospital management. Informationization may be a breakthrough for the world to solve medical problems.

The impact of the management of digital hospitals on the traditional medical model is a development trend in the world: Zhao Qingshan, deputy dean of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, said at the China Hospital Development Forum, which was sponsored by the newspaper, “This is helping the government solve the problem of medical treatment. Breakthroughs may be made on expensive medical issues.”

The medical reform should have two purposes:

First, the government establishes a safeguard system to solve the problem of expensive medical treatment for the people.

Second, to protect the development of the medical and health industry and protect the enthusiasm of 6 million medical personnel. Dean Yang Yinxue said, “These two major interest groups must take care of each other and hurt either side. This reform is unsuccessful.”

Is the dean an official or a professional manager?

“Now the chief goal of many deans is to be an official. A dean who wants to be an official all the time, can he be a good dean? There are many public hospitals in foreign countries that can do well. So the most important thing is not property rights reform. Is the mechanism.”


Hospital Management System PPT

A Hospital Management System Slideshare


Hospital Management System Design

The implementation of the system will build an enterprise-level computer network system throughout the hospital. It will also build an enterprise-level application system on the basis of it. This is so as to realize the smooth circulation and high sharing of various information of people, finances and materials throughout the hospital. The modernization of the hospitals’ management level and the accuracy of leadership decisions have laid a solid foundation. The system has the characteristics of maturity, stability, reliability, long application period and good expandability. It can be tailored according to the characteristics of each hospital.

For reference, in China, the system has been successfully operated in:

  • Pulandian First People’s Hospital
  • Zhuanghe First People’s Hospital
  • Dalian Zhongshan Hospital
  • Gaizhou Central Hospital
  • Penglai People’s Hospital
  • Dandong City Hospital
  • Fushun City Hospital
  • Tieling Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
  • Tieling County Hospital
  • Hulan County Chinese Medicine Hospital of Heilongjiang Province
  • Dalian University Affiliated Hospital
  • Wafangdian First People’s Hospital

Other hospitals such as Sanjia, Sanyi and Dimethyl have achieved good social benefits for hospitals. The economic benefits are also widely praised by customers.


What is a Hospital Management Software Application?

(A). Microcomputer matching table of various functional departments of the hospital

The whole system consists of a server and several workstations forming a network. Each subsystem operates in coordination on the network. The inter-department service query is flexible and provides strict permission control. Each subsystem provides a common query function. Each subsystem can only use the functions it has the right to call under this function. The data shared between the networks is real-time, avoiding the inconsistency of data between departments.


(B). The hospital management subsystem function view

The Hospital Management Subsystem (HIS) usually consists of two parts:

  1. The outpatient and inpatient
  2. The main line of management is the medicine and the amount of the payment.


HMS Application Description

The above is a functional view of the various functional departments of the hospital. Data information is transmitted between departments. Since the relative functions of the Personnel Section and the General Affairs Section are independent, they are not included.


Which hospital management software should I buy?

If you are seeking to buy a hospital management software or system or want to take services of a software company for the purpose you need to first understand what problems can the system or the company solve. All companies praise themselves and their products. They may use all marketing tactics including misinformation in order to sell their product or win a client. Thus, in order to make the right selection you need to analyze the technical requisites of an HMS. Then you can compare the requisites with the product or the company and then make the selection.

For your information all technical requisites have been explained below that one needs to look into while trying to make selection on an HMS product or a company. The explanation is of the highest global standards that can be applicable universally.


Which Hardware Platform is the best for Hospital Management System?

Hardware is the basis of system implementation. In the design plan, we need to consider the various requirements and characteristics of the system implementation. We also take into account the actual situation of the hospital. The hardware selection must meet the system requirements, taking into account the system performance and the principle of cost-effectiveness. The system is optimized and the most economical. The detailed specifications are given below under 4 points:

 1. Server (SERVER) for HMS

The main server is the heart of the system. All workstations in the system must exchange information with it, so it must be fast, stable and reliable.


2. Workstation (WorkStation) for HMS

The selection of workstations is based on ensuring high speed operation and high reliability of the network. At the same time, taking into account the specific actual situation of the hospital, the system requirements are met and the hospital itself is saved with limited funds.


3. Printer (PRINTER) for HMS

We choose printers mainly for fast printing speed, durability and low operating cost. The world famous printer manufacturer’s products fully meet its requirements.


4. Power distribution (UPS)

When the power is interrupted, if the network is running, it may cause data loss and equipment damage, resulting in irreparable damage. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the machine. This we need to do only for a short period of time, and to issue an alarm.


What should be the Network Design for a Hospital management system?

The hospital management system is a comprehensive system. Therefore, in the design plan, the network devising and implementation company takes into account the characteristics of wide management, many departments and timely information exchange requirements. It also takes into account the actual situation of the hospital. The network adopts the international standard star network topology structure. It has the characteristics of expansion and flexibility, convenient maintenance, stable operation, good interconnectivity and reasonable performance and price ratio. It is the optimal and most economical solution adopted by computer network systems. We should choose the design as cited in 4 points below:


1. Integrated wiring

The cable is the lifeline of the computer network. It is the artery that transmits information. If the line damage takes place due to quality problems, the network will be completely under paralysis and the work will stop. Therefore, we use the integrated wiring scheme of building automation in the design, strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of integrated wiring, in order to improve the quality and stability of the line. At the same time, it can be used for language transmission, which is convenient for users to choose. According to the site conditions, the cable is connectable to the RJ-45 socket on the wall surface, or the RJ-45 plug can be directly connected to the workstation. This is convenient for maintenance and expansion.


2. Network equipment

Network devices are primarily switches (Switch HUBs) and hubs (HUBs), which are intermediate devices that connect the primary server to the workstation. The switch (Switch) is the core device in the network. It provides a fast exchange connection between the server and the workstation. There is also a hardware device in the network. This is a network adapter, also referable as a network card usable for connecting each workstation and cable. As the network card is the main device for each workstation to connect with the network, in order to make the workstation work stably, the network card with good compatibility and high reliability must be guaranteed.


3. Network Management

We use the above network solution to make full use of network resources and facilitate management and maintenance. In planning, we make the workstations not dependent on each other, but they are connected to each other. That is to say, the running status of a workstation does not affect the normal operation of other workstations. This improves the reliability of the network.


4. Platform

i. The database system

Because of its huge amount of data and strong real-time performance, the hospital management information system must select an efficient and stable large-scale database system when selecting a database system.


ii. Network operating system

The network operating system is a layer of software platform based on network hardware devices. Without a network operating system, it will not constitute a reasonable computer network system. The network operating system is an important part of the network because it is stable and closely coordinated with the database system.


What is Hospital Management System Service?

We can understand it as cited in the 4 points below:

1. Network Installation

Most companies in network field follow the EIA/TIA568B cabling standard.  The installation contents are as follows:

  •  Provide network topology design
  •  Install server and network adapter
  •  Install workstations and network adapters
  •  Installation of Switch HUB and HUB
  •  UTP and all connectors
  •  Install the server network operating system
  •  Install workstation application software


2. Network Debugging

Debug each node according to the standard. Ensure that each workstation can run normally. Carry out strict post-installation testing to reduce the hidden dangers of each point and make the network run stably.


3. Network Management

After the completion of the project, the company ensures that engineers and technicians are regularly assigned to manage and maintain the network. The company also ensures to provide technical guidance to the users on a regular basis.


4. Training Services

i. Network system management personnel training

The network management personnel are senior operators. The normal operation of the network must be maintained by the network senior management personnel at any time. Therefore, the senior operators are required to have certain network knowledge and network maintenance level. The companies, generally, provides two months of technical training for network managers to achieve the ability to independently maintain the network.


ii. Workstation management training

The workstation manager is a middle-level person who maintains the management application software and must be able to manage the connection and invocation of the entire system and subsystems of each department. The companies provide 30 days of training for mid-level personnel. This enables them to understand the calls of subsystems of various departments. It also helps them to provide maintenance and system operation in a timely manner for all departments.


iii. Workstation staff training

The workstation personnel training is the operator of the single-machine workstation. It can only understand the operation of the subsystems of the department. It does not need to be able to contact other subsystems. The company provides 30 days of training to learn the single-machine system and related operations of the department.


Hospital Information Management System (HIS)

The medical record management system adopts a drop-down menu, which is friendly in interface and practical. It has a software interface with the hospitalization settlement information system. The main functions are as follows:

  1.         Business management: including home registration, home page management, loan management, quality management, etc.
  2.         Data search: including the disease classification main index, disease classification sub-index, surgical patient index, death patient index, sub-division registration list, infectious patient list, engineering diagnosis suspect list, diagnosis inconsistency list, surgical patient list, etc.
  3.      Information query: including simple query, comprehensive query.
  4.         Comprehensive report: including sub-disciplinary medical situation table, sub-discipline fee status table, sub-discipline diagnostic quality table, sub-surgical quality table, disease classification table, disease age classification table and other reports.
  5.         System maintenance: departmental statistics and mergers, patient nature merger, home page cost merger, statistical cost merging, childbirth merging, single disease type setting.
  6.             System: The setting of system options, the management of users and their permissions, and so on.



New Features of Hospital Management System

  1.  Enable ICD10 code according to the International Classification of Diseases – Standard ICD10 Code.
  2.  GY_DMZD adds the code of the national standard hospital department (DMLB = 1161).
  3.  Improve the cost of the home page: Like medical expenses, increase  anesthesia fee, baby fee, bed fee, etc.
  4.  The Department of Statistics has added a new department ‘Ophthalmology’. All software companies should keep such provisions in the system everywhere.
  5.  Increase the cost of the questionnaire and merge it into the questionnaire on the basis of the merger of the first page expenses.
  6.  Add a medical record questionnaire to the home management.
  7.  Increase the number of medical records on the home page.
  8.  Increment the maintenance of the statistical department. Also, increase ICD code maintenance.
  9.  Increase the maintenance of surgical code.
  10.  Increase the maintenance of malignant tumors.
  11.  Add the ICD code setting (ICD9/ICD10) used by the current hospital to the system options.
  12.  Add the default disease code input mode setting (ICD code/pinyin code) in the system option.
  13.  Put the unit name code and unit attribute code setting in the system option and call this data in the questionnaire.
  14.  Add the discharge certificate to the system option. The patient allows the home registration option (allowed/not allowed).
  15.  Increase the pre-operative days calculation method setting (automatic calculation/manual calculation) in the system option. In the system option, the hospital has added the HIS system version option to achieve multi-version control.
  16.  Increase the division registration form.
  17.  Modify the report format of the disease age classification table according to the requirements of the Health Bureau, and increase the statistical category of the report (male/female/total).
  18.  Unified system initialization password acquisition mode. After initialization, the “Initialize” menu is unavailable, and the initialization date and operator are recorded.


Technical Features

1. Simple operation and Friendly interface


  •        Provides graphical user interface (GUI), using WINDOWS series software style.
  •         Various types of dialog boxes are used during system operation.
  •         Provides a graphical user interface that is easy to grasp and easy to use.   System operations are performed through graphical interfaces such as dialogs, portraits, menus, and symbols, and most of the operations are performed by the mouse, which is convenient to use.
  •          Considering the speed and accuracy of data input, the system uses a large number of code input methods in the input process.


2. Easy to maintain and is powerful

Data maintenance capabilities provided by large databases.


3. Practical, adapt to hospitals of different sizes

The system software and hardware environment can adapt to the needs of hospitals of different scales and types.


4. Confidentiality and security

  •     In terms of system confidentiality, companies should use hierarchical management. Different levels of users have different permissions. Users can set their own passwords according to their personal preferences.
  •     Make full use of database stability and high security features in terms of system reliability and security.


Advantages or Benefits of Hospital Management System

The best part of an HMS is it benefits, the reason for which its implementation must take place these days. Optimum service provider needs to settle for this without compromise in order to make maximum utilization of hospital business potential along with optimum utility to the patients or clients. It has inexhaustive following advantages:

  •            Facilitates ease in access and maintenance of patient data on the basis of several factors.
  •            It facilitates cost cutting through several means owing to automation. Many times it is on SAAS or is Internet based which facilitates remote access.
  •            It helps the hospital authorities in MIS for developing comprehensive healthcare policies.
  •            Efficiently aids in devising and managing financial activities, patients’ diet, distribution of medical aid, etc. It gives a structural and comprehensible picture of future hospital growth.
  •            It reflects an improved drug usage monitoring and creates effectiveness.
  •            Efficient inventory management
  •            It enhances information integrity by a reduction in transcription errors and redundancy of  entries.
  •            Advanced technology gives perfect performance to pull up information servers.
  •            It provides all data in a single platform facilitating Business Intelligence Module to enable valuable insights into hospital operations and control.
  •            It immensely improves the overall health care experience in a healthcare facility.
  •            Facilitates easy and comfortable interaction between doctors and patients.
  •            Facilitates better asset management
  •            The Facility of Language Translation Automation
  •           Facilitates Equipment Management and Maintenance
  •            Facilitates Hospital Asset management
  •            Aids in devising and implementing health packages for clients
  •            Facilitates Attendance and Appointments Management
  •           Improves Ambulance System Management
  •            Facilitates better Blood Bank Management
  •            Improves Operation Theatre Management
  •            Facilitates efficient CCTV Service
  •            Provides QR code scanning Interface
  •            Provides Biometric Device Interface
  •            Facilitates Barcode Scanning



Hospital management System started in the US and made its way world over. It was reinforced by healthcare facilities such as Obamacare and in the times to come it will make its inseparable mark and management and existence of hospitals will be unimaginable without it. Thus, hospitals should try and implement the best of these available in the market and not hesitate in getting custom made for their own establishment in case the need be in order to outshine the rivals and maximize profitability. Where investment in such systems is not desirable then free hospital management software are also available in the market like on VVFIT.COM which are much more efficient and high tech than the paid ones in the market.

Some may find SaaS models sufficient if they make less of software in these systems.




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