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What are some best high blood pressure natural remedies for treatment?

High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy: If you change your lifestyle or the way of living, you can control your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. We can call this positive change in lifestyle as naturopathy for Hypertension. If you have diagnosed high blood pressure, you might be worried about taking remedies to bring down your BP readings. However, lifestyle is the one such factor that becomes a major determinant in treating your high blood pressure. If you can successfully control high blood pressure in natural ways of eating and activities it is better by all means than being solely dependent on modern medicine. Without medicine by a healthy lifestyle a little effort on your part can reduce or avoid the need for medication. This is where you can take the aid of high blood pressure natural remedy for treatment, control or cure.

The less your blood pressure is, less is the risk of your heart attack, heart failure, stroke and diseases pertaining to kidney. You should also talk to your doctor for BP treatment side effects for any risk involvement.


Coping with Emergency

You are in a state of emergency when your blood pressure reading is much above 80/120 or much greater than this. Under such circumstances you may feel the symptoms of organ damage like chest pain, difficulty in speaking, changes in vision, weakness, shortness of breath and such adverse symptoms. You should get alert as this is a high BP emergency and not wait to take a BP doctor (cardiologist) appointment.

You should call 911 or seek a heart doctor near you for which you can search like Heart Doctor in San Diego, Cardiologist in New York, Heart Doctor in London Mumbai, Cardiologist in Mumbai, Best Cardiologist in Mumbai, etc. according to your own location. With this, you will get appropriate results on any good search engine.

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How to control High Blood Pressure in Natural Ways without Medicine?


1.       Drink Copper Water

2.       Lose excess weight and optimize your waistline

3.       Perform Physical exercise regularly

4.       Eat well and a balanced diet for BP Control

                         –  Write down your daily diet   

                         –   Eat potassium diet             

                         –   Be a smart customer

5.       Exclude Sodium in your diet for Blood Pressure Control

                         – Choose Low Sodium Products

                         – Intake Natural Foods

                         – Consume less salt in your diet       

               6.       Intake alcohol as medicine only

               7.       Is Smoking bad for Heart?

               8.    Reduce caffeine Intake for Healthy Heart blood pressure natural remedies

               9.       Stress management Techniques for Healthy Heart as blood pressure natural remedies

              10.    Monitor your Blood Pressure at Home and visit your Cardiologist Regularly

             11.     Self Care to Control High Blood Pressure Natural

             12.     Eat Fresh Organic Food

             13.     Reiki for HBP

             14.     Yoga for HBP

             15.     Acupressure for HTN

             16.     Music Therapy for HTN




Heart's Pictoral View

Heart Mechanism

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16 ways to cope with high blood pressure naturally, positively as below:

1. Drink Copper Ionized Water

Keep drinking water in copper container for at least few hours and drink it in place of any other water. This, along with fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you to control you hypertension to a considerable extent. Remember, the water needs to be in copper container for at least 12 hours. The reason is that ionization process takes this much time at least. It can be kept for for a couple of days too or until it is not stale.


2. Lose Access Weight and Optimize your Waistline as blood pressure natural remedies

Obesity or excessive body weight may be the major underlying reason for your blood pressure because weight and blood pressure complement each other. This means that blood pressure often increases while weight increases. Being overweight may cause obstructed breathing while you sleep. This may eventually result in rise of blood pressure.

Reducing body weight is one of the most effective lifestyle changes that can lower hypertension. Generally, under obesity, you can reduce your blood pressure by about 1 millimeter of mercury (mm Hg) with each kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) of your mass reduction.

In addition to shedding pounds, you should usually focus n the circumference or girth of your waistline. By taking too much weight around your waist, you might be in danger of HBP or high blood pressure. This HBP may subsequently lead to Heart Attack. Thus, weight control is like natural treatment for High BP along with blood pressure natural remedies.


In usual appropriate waist line considerable for Heart Diseases:

·         If the waist size is more than 40 inches (102 centimeters) then men are at risk.

·         If the waist measurement is more than 35 inches (89 cm) then women are at risk.

These numbers vary between ethnic groups. Ask your doctor about an ideal and healthy waist measurement for you which may enable some heart immunity naturally.


3. You should Perform Physical Exercise regularly

If you have high blood pressure, you can reduce your blood pressure by about 5 to 8 mm Hg with performance of regular physical activity such as 150 minutes a week. Ideally they should be minimum of about 30 minutes in most days of a week are important to be consistent with performance of exercise because if you stop exercising  your blood pressure may rise again. One thing must be keep in mind in this regard that exercise requires consistence. Exercising a lot for a few days and then being idle for few will not help in lifestyle improvement conducive to blood pressure control. Thus, one of the natural treatment for Heart disease is Exercising regularly along with blood pressure natural remedies.

Do some vigorous-intensity Physical Activities: Playing singles tennis, Rollerblading at a fast pace, swimming continuous laps, playing basketball or football, Jogging or running, skipping with a rope and so on. These act as one of blood pressure natural remedies. This however, needs pre approval of your cardiologist as he may impose limits on the intensity of exercises.

Examples of aerobic exercise: Take a low-impact aerobics class, Play tennis, Ride your bicycle outside, Ride your stationary bicycle indoors, Swim or do water aerobic exercises, dancing, try ice-skating or roller-skating and take a brisk walk.


4. BP Diet Plan or Well and a Balanced Healthy Diet for BP Control

Healthy eating here means a variety of nutritious foods that can keep you healthy and free from sickness. Rule of the thumb is eat good, feel good. There are BP Diet foods like the salubrious diet contains potatoes, bread, rice or pasta, dairy or dairy alternatives, beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins and minerals keep you healthiest. Prepare a proper BP Diet Roadmap and cut back saturated fat and cholesterol as this can help in controlling your blood pressure by up to 11 mm Hg when your blood pressure is above the normal.

Changes in your eating habits with proper BP Diet Chart is not a simple step but here are some easy tips to follow them and live healthily.

  •          Write down your daily diet: Whatever you eat in a day write in a diary, repeat this process for just a week, now monitor your eating habits. Leave all such habits that are not right for your health and follow only those habits that control your blood pressure.
  •          Eat potassium diet: DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet- fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, low fat and fish are good natural sources of potassium. Banana and potatoes are rich in potassium. This acts as high blood pressure natural remedy. Ask your doctor about the normal potassium level.
  •          Be a smart purchaser: Read healthy-eating plan instruction on food item packs. Carefully read the labels written on food items as you need a reduced amount of sodium.


5. Reduce or Exclude Sodium or Salt in Diet for Blood Pressure Control

To control high blood pressure, reduce your sodium in your diet as this reduction can improve your heart’s health and reduce hypertension by about 5 to 6 mm Hg. The recommended daily sodium intake is no more than 2,300 milligrams. The recommended salt intake is up to 1,500 milligrams if you have high blood pressure or chronic kidney diseases. This procedure is also like one of blood pressure natural remedies

  1.          Choose a low-sodium product: When you buy foods and beverages choose a low-sodium product. Don’t eat any such item which has sodium amount above normal.                 Take natural foods: Always intake natural foods, man-made foods item has good amount of sodium because sodium is added during processing. This acts as high blood pressure natural remedy.
  2.          Consume less common salt in your diet: By eating salt, the amount of sodium increases in your bloodstream and your kidney capacity gets lower which is then incompetent to remove the excess water. As the result hypertension occurs. This is due to excess fluid while there is additional pressure on the delicate blood vessels leading up to the kidney. A spoon of eating salt contains 2,300 mg sodium. You can use spices or herbs as substitutes to common salt to a limit, which can flavour your diet the same way. Specially, keep in mind that street or junk food contains sodium and salt which is not suitable in your Hypertension problem.

If you are having trouble reducing sodium with your diet then try to slow down gradually.


6. To Control High Blood Pressure in Natural Ways, minimize Alcohol

If you consume alcohol in a certain amount, it can be beneficial for you. But by overloading alcohol it loses all its virtues. As the result to it you may have many physical illnesses. Usually, a healthy woman can drink once a day and healthy men 2 times. We overuse alcohol while celebrating parties, keep this in mind that you are a blood pressure patient. You can reduce your blood pressure by 4 mm Hg by alcohol. This is understandable by the equation, one drink = 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor = 12 ounces of beer = five ounces of wine. This acts as high blood pressure natural remedy.



Blood Pressure Category Systolic mm Hg (Upper #) Diastolic mm Hg (Lower #)
Elevated 120-129 less than 80
Normal less than 120 less than 80
Lower Blood Pressure less than 100 less than 60
High Blood Pressure
(Hypertension) Stage 1
130-139 80-89
High Blood Pressure
(Hypertension) Stage 2
140 or Higher 90 or Higher
Hypertensive Crisis
(Seek Emergency Care)
Higher than 180 And/or higher than 120



7. Is Smoking Bad for Heart?

If you want to live longer, leave smoking immediately. After the smoke, your blood pressure rises for some duration. Due to this, the condition of heart disease and other illness in the body is natural or obvious. According to researches those who are away from smoking live longer. Tobacco smoke contains substances as nicotine which is addictive and can cause dependence or addiction. Nicotine withdrawal often makes the process of quitting rigorous.


8. Reduce Caffeine Intake for Healthy Heart as blood pressure natural remedies

Those who do not intake caffeine daily, blood pressure can hike for some time. But those who intake caffeine daily, it is unlikely for the blood pressure to rise, as they are already habituated to it. If you want to know that caffeine increases your blood pressure then check the blood pressure within 30 minutes of consuming caffeine. Caffeine can increase blood pressure up to 10 mm Hg in people who rarely consume it as they are not habituated to it.

When consuming caffeine, a feeling of anxiety can arise, bite it can have side effects. In addition, if you consume the majority of your caffeine in the form of soda or sugar-sweet coffee, then a sudden reduction in sugar caffeine can get more sleep. Go to bed early in the night and early wake up in the morning, sleep at least 8 to 9 hours. This works like blood pressure natural remedies and also does not cost you anything.


9. Stress Management Techniques for Healthy Heart as blood pressure natural remedy

Contain your stress by maintaining a positive attitude, accept that there are incidents you cannot control. Be artistic instead of aggressive. Keep meditation, yoga, regular exercise in your daily life.  Proper diet is like complementary medicine so try to eat healthy and well-balanced meals.

  •          Talk to someone: Don’t live alone. Talk with your friends or family members. You may go park with talk with kids, senior citizen and others.
  •          Try relaxation techniques: Many tools of relaxation are available in the market. Body massager, spa therapy and also natural techniques such as meditation which you may try after proper medical consultation.
  •          Manage your Time: Do your work according to your time management and try not to mix up your daily routine with your office task.
  •          Take control: Control on your emotions, make yourself sentimentally stronger.
  •          Keep a stress diary: Monitor your stress diary, avoid stress things to do in your daily life.
  •          Indulge in physical activity: keep busy yourself, play with your kids, go outside with your family or friends.
  •          Reduce consumption of: alcohol, caffeine, nicotine.


BP and Heart Treatment in Delhi and NCR | List of Hospitals / Cardiologists

New Delhi

AIIMS, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029, INDIA


Govt. District Hospital. Sector-30, Noida (G.B. Nagar), Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh – 201301.

Greater Noida

Government Institute of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, U.P. – 201310, India


(Mmg Hospital) District Hospital. Nr Ghanta Ghar, G T Rd, Ghanta Ghar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh – 201001 INDIA


Civil Hospital, Jharsa Road, Near, Bus Stand Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122001 INDIA


Civil Hospital 216, BK Chowk, New Industrial Town, Faridabad, Haryana 121001 INDIA

BP and Heart Treatment in Uttar Pradesh


SGPGI, Raebareli Rd, Haibat Mau Mawaiya, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226014 INDIA


GSVM Medical College, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur ,Uttar Pradesh 208002 INDIA


S.N. Medical College, Moti Katra, Agra – 282002 INDIA


Moti Lal Nehru Medical College George Town, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211002 INDIA

BP and Heart Treatment in West Bengal


IPGME&R, 244 A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 020 INDIA


Bengal Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital, Ismile, Shatabdi Nagar, Hamid Nagar, Asansol, West Bengal 713301 INDIA


North Bengal Medical College, D-5 Quarter , Sushruta Nagar, Dist Darjeeling. -734012 INDIA


Sub Divisional Hospital, Bidhannagar, Durgapur, West Bengal 713212 INDIA


BP and Heart Treatment in Tamil Nadu


Madras Medical College, Near Park Town Station, Park Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600003 INDIA


10. Monitor your Blood Pressure at home and regularly visit your Cardiologist

Monitor your blood pressure at home and visit your medical expert. Simply, monitor your blood pressure at home by following your BP device monitor’s instruction booklet to position the cuff properly and inflate it. Check the readings and establish a routine for checking your blood pressure at home. Do not finally forget visit your doctor as according to the gravity of circumstances, there is no substitute to that.


11. Self-care to Control High Blood Pressure Naturally

Self care is also one of the blood pressure natural remedies. Consume those edibles which help lower blood pressure and try to resort to some Naturopathy for Heart Disease. Healthy living habit is the most effective technique to reduce your high blood pressure. If you keep your blood pressure in a healthy range it will ensure lower risk of heart disease and stroke. As one of the blood pressure natural remedies, take care of yourself and avoid things that harm your health. Pay attention to physical exercises, perform stress management, monitor your blood pressure at home, quit to smoke, low sodium diet, consuming less alcohol


12. Try to Eat Raw Organic Food rather than Cooked

It is evident from the situation of former POTUS (President of the United States) or US President Bill Clinton who suffered from severe heart diseases and underwent three bypass surgeries. He got well only due to organic food that he consumed with little or no medication. This he revealed in a live interview. This is a Nobel Prize winning science that tells that the coding in food that tells how and where it should impact or nourish the body disappears on heating it. Similar theories won Nobel Prize twice. Reports of British Medical Journal also buttresses this fact. So raw organic food is the key to make your heart  strong and live disease free life, not only free form High Blood Pressure. This acts as high blood pressure natural remedy.


13. Adopt Chinese Therapy of Reiki for Hypertension and heart health

Ancient Chinese natural therapy of Rekiki is like Yoga which is based on physical exercises. You can take expert aid nearby or can find expert cardiac Rekiki healers on globally connected Telemedicine Platform VVFIT for optimum resource selection from all over the world.


14. Adopt Indian Therapy of Hatha Yoga or Yogic Sciences for heart health

You can find yoga instructors for heart health nearby or can find some expert remotely at HIPAA compliant Telemedicine Platform VVFIT.


15. Adopt Acupressure for HTN or Hypertension

Acyupressure is a science that helps regulate body organ activities favorably by applying pressure therapeutically at pressure points in the body. Human body contains such points at places by manipulating which by pressure application we can gain favorable health. This also works well for mind, heart and HTN. You can find these experts nearby or at VVFIT Telemedicine Platform online.


16. Adopt Music Therapy for HTN Relief

Music Therapy is soothing to mind and heart and makes impact on heart or HTN via mind. During relaxation when you take music therapy it eases and empowers your mind and heart and makes it more sustainable to vulnerabilities. This makes heart competent to sustain stress and hence enabling it to comply situations adverse to HBP. It can be taken in combination to aroma therapy. You may find these experts nearby. These experts may also be available on Telemedicine Platform VVFIT, for which you may register and seek them online.




Adopt Indian Therapy of Hatha Yoga popularly referable as Yoga: You can find yoga instructors for heart health nearby or find some expert remotely at HIPAA compliant Telemedicine Platform VVFIT.



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