Dermal fillers shown. Skin fillers or dermal filler treatment going on with gel injection for face skin rejuvenation of a woman

What are Dermal Fillers? How to use them in Bio Dermal Fillers Treatment?

Dermal Filler Meaning (including bio fillers): Every human has different skin tone and it depends on various applicable factors such as hereditary properties, the style of living, environment, food and drinks, and affected by sun purification. For all these reasons some people have aging problem among the same age group and they look to be more aged. You can use either industry created dermal fillers or bio dermal fillers to treat your skin problems. These are the easiest way of skin rejuvenation. It also helps to repair lifeless skin, helps you look younger, brings glow on the face and improves other connective tissue defects. Thus, Bio dermal filler treatment is a reliable procedure that you can easily adopt.


Table of Content

1.    Know About Bio Natural Bio Dermal Fillers

2.    Territory where we can use the Bio Dermal Fillers

3.    Benefits of bio dermal filler treatment

4.    Dermal filler injection or the process of dermal filler treatment

5.    Select an experienced Dermatology & Cosmetology treatment centre

6.  Bio dermal filler Before and after PPT Slideshare

7.    Dermal fillers for acne and scars and Dermal fillers for cheeks

8.    Dermal Filler Cost in India

9.    You should be aware and consciousness about the side effects of natural bio dermal fillers

10.         Know the difference between Dermal Fillers and Bio Dermal Fillers

11.       Pre care directives and post care directives

12.        PRP Biofillers and dermal Fillers

13.   Dermal fillers in India

14.        Use of Teledermatology for Skin Treatment Consultation


Know About Natural Bio Dermal Fillers

Bio dermal fillers are made from plasma gel. Plasma gel is so effective that you can see the difference in wrinkle reduction after using only one time. The main use of Bio-filler gel is to treat static lines and wrinkles to deal with facial skin problems. It is made from the patient’s own arterial blood. It involves auto-transfer with Plasma gel injections, where plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood and excludes the risk of allergic reactions. This is the most exciting medical aesthetic process where the effect lasted for about two years or more in real life tests.

Dermal Filler Areas Showing


In which Territory we can use Bio Dermal Fillers?

You can see these symptoms as follows: The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, muscular tone, skin dysfunction, loss of fat and else are visible in the form of puffiness and hollowness. By the time when we are 20, our skin begins to lose protein and collagen and we have to face the following types of problems mentioned above. Importantly, the use of plasma gel is done for reconstruction of the infected sites, where after some time your skin starts appearing in its nature and new collagen and protein production begins. With its use, you begin to look young again.

Face areas for dermal fillers


Which problems can be treated by only use of Bio Dermal Filler treatment?

  Primary Static lines and Filling Nasolabial Folds

Every person likes luster faces, but with aging it starts losing its impact. Features like the lower black spots in the eyes, the blot of the eyes, folds and static lines around the eyes, etc. also become prominent. Bio dermal fillers can help fill the space where ever there is sinking or depression on the dermis.


How to Organize Sculpt Shape and rejuvenate face with biofiller?

According to the age of a person due to the decrease in the amount of HA, the skin loses its luster. The liberation of skin and increasing visibility of wrinkles can be treated through bio-dermal filler. Secondly, Bio Dermal Filler facilitates youthful age by organizing, sculpting, shaping and formulating the face.


 How to Augment Jaws Cheeks and Knob with Biofiller?

Due to aging, the amount of collagen in the body starts decreasing or it is said that the production of collagen decreases. Use of Bio-dermal fillers make seem volume in your face and skin will be flawless. Due to hereditary properties, some people’s face have inside sinking cheeks which appears like that of old aged people. Bio-Dermal filler can enhance and lift up your cheeks. Lifted up cheeks will depend on you and your lifestyle as how they appear after the lift and for how long the lift lasts.


  Using Fillers in Realm of cheeks

If you look immature or average then bio dermal fillers can be good for you because it will augment your cheeks.


  The shine of your cheeks skin

The presence of bio dermal fillers in your body can also enhance the glare of your skin tone.


  Wrinkles around the eye area and prioritizing wrinkle temples

The wrinkles surrounding of the eyes mean that you are now taking more steps of old age. This is not only due to the rising age but also depends on your living conditions, food habits and the surrounding environment. Due to wrinkles, your face seems to be in depression. Because of this, you seem to sick and look bigger than your age and flexibility of your skin may be a loss.


Bio Dermal Fillers fill your face, revive dead cells, removes facial stains, bring harmony to your facial symmetry by supplanting the volume you lost. Various patients have noticed after the treatment whole of their face looks younger according to their age. Also, now we can treat blemish around the eye area with these. They are happy with this result. Improving the appearance of facial and wrinkles, sun damaged and aging skin, acne scars and stretch marks in the temple wrinkles is now more easy than ever before the usage of such modern skin treatments.


 Black Spot under Eyes

Dark circles are part of the bottom of the eyelids and the upper part of the cheek. From this, the bottom part of your eye looks black, blurred and sometimes also looks very terrible. There can be many reasons for having dark circles such as excessive fat loss in the body, fragile skin, ambiguity in the skin, sometimes due to hereditary properties, also the individual’s face gets dark circles. For all these reasons, the lower part of the eyes become stained and looks very crappy. Experts survey the areas under your eyes before treating your dark circles and signal you whether it is a powerful remedy for you or not? Notably, the treatment is considered successful only if there is no prolonged swelling.


  Biofillers for Jaw and Cheek Wrinkles

Lines at corners of the mouth, smile line wrinkles, hanging skin, deteriorating cheeks and jaws make the facial texture worse and loss of facial volume makes you look depressed appearance in front of your acquaintances or viewers. After treatment with Bio Dermal Fillers, you will feel very satisfied with its result.


  Smile Lines Fillers

Sometimes also called laugh lines these lines are noticeable when you smile and wrinkles that primarily develop around the sides of your mouth. Loss of flexibility and facial volume in the skin can be the reason for these Grin lines. It starts from sides of the nose and goes to the edges of the mouth. These lines are easy to visible. These bio dermal fillers can effectively treat this problem.


  Marionette Lines Fillers

These lines are long vertical lines that transmit from the corners of the mouth going downwards laterally circumscribing the chin. These places are important for regular conscious of the face. It is an ideal target for Bio Dermal fillers treatment.


 Biofiller Works with Natural

The Bio Dermal Fillers give energy to the skin because it is made from physical blood. It works with hydrating and smooth the skin. Due to skin hydration you face problems like being over-looking, feeling fatigued, and carelessness towards the skin, complementing lines and wrinkles on the face. Crucially, Plasma Bio Dermal Fillers resolve all these problems and recharge your skin with full energy. It also works on restoring dead skin.


  Treatments for Aging Hands by Fillers

If you want to find someone’s age, then by looking at their hands, you can tell that what the age of this person could be. It is very amazing that cosmetic patients pay attention only to their faces, throats, chests and feet while ignoring to pay attention to hands. The biggest reason for the occurrence of wrinkles is natural maturing, decrease in tissue volume & elasticity of the skin, diminishing skin versatility, exposure to UV rays, free radicals, spotty skin on hands, synthetic compounds, etc. Thus, dull, wrinkled and crepe skin is visible. Importantly, Bio dermal fillers plasma gel with their effects such as elastin and collagen development restore your hands to their earlier glory.


  Acne scars Blemish-free Skin

Many of us face acne scars problem. Acne can be the reason for excess oil, skin pores engorged, bacteria and dead skin cells. The pore swells, causing a break in the follicle wall and shallow lesions are usually minor and heal quickly. The skin attempts to repair these lesions by forming new collagen fibers. Bio dermal fillers help you in getting a spotless, clean, blemishes free and flawless skin.


  Lip and smokers line wrinkles

When we are youthful our skin is soft and moist. As a result our skin looks fragile, strong, smooth and energetic. But with age, we lose beauty as the flexibility of the skin begins to weaken while skin cells also become weak. Some very small wrinkles form just above your upper lip. These lines touch your upper lip and expand vertically toward your nose. Smoker’s lines are vertical lines which are referred to as smoker’s lines. Stubborn wrinkles have many factors including age, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle habits and genetics. Smokers lines are else called lipstick lines for the non-smokers among ladies. Bio dermal filler can renovate your lip and tighten the skin.


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

It is an injectable filler medical procedure and shapes a person’s nose without invasive surgery. Most commonly people are using hyaluronic acid such as Restylane and Juvederm (gel) or calcium hydroxyapatite in the process. It cannot diminish the volume of somebody’s nose. Bio dermal fillers is a non-surgical rhinoplasty and aim at providing a nose shape according to patients without them having to go under the surgery.


What are the Types of Dermal Fillers?

What are the types of dermal filers, explained.

Comparison: Dermal Filler Type


Dermal Fillers Vs Wrinkle Fillers

Dermal Fillers Vs wrinkle Injections Illustration Diagrammatic Chart

Comparison: Dermal Fillers Vs Wrinkle Fillers


What are the benefits of bio dermal filler treatment?

There are a lot of fillers available in the cosmetics and medical market out of which Bio dermal fillers are very popular with many of their natural advantages. There are many advantages of the use of Bio dermal fillers:

Shelf life of Fillers

Bio dermal fillers work for very long terms in comparison to other fillers. Other fillers work near six to twelve months, while if we talk about bio dermal fillers, they effectively work for about 2 years.


Recovery of Affected Areas of Skin

Bio dermal fillers show their effect quickly and also enhance your skin, making it firmer. You can see impressive positive impacts on the affected areas as you desired.


Development of natural collagen by Fillers

Due to decreasing collagen, protein, etc. in the body you may have to face problems wrinkles on face, aging skin, dark circles and so on. After the use bio-dermal fillers you look young for a long time. Bio dermal fillers help to enhance the generation of natural collagen.


One price multiple works and many problems only one solution

Bio Dermal Filler works a lot for your skin. It is the only easy treatment for skin problems. It glows your skin, removes aging, treatment for lip liner and smoke liner, removes dark circle, hand treatment and many more. Many problems and only one solution.

  • Skin Fillers within budget: Bio dermal fillers are mostly in your budget because they are made from patients own blood. Various fillers are available in the market but Bio dermal fillers are non-costly and skin friendly.
  • Desirable consequence: If you see previous consequences of bio-dermal fillers, then definitely you will know its benefits. They generally do not waste time and money.
  • Advantages of Bio dermal fillers: Quick way to reduce the common signs of aging across your visage, sunken areas, fine lines and wrinkles, thin lips or folds.


What is Dermal Filler Injection and the process of dermal filler treatment?

If you want to undergo this treatment you have proper deep knowledge about the Bio dermal filler injection which is procedure or the treatment. This article gives the simplest ways of treatment:

Plasma Gel is made from patients own blood. We can use it to remove facial skin static lines and wrinkles. In fact we can treat all neck, face, chest, hands and legs, etc. to remove the wrinkles. Also, it helps in construction of affected areas and after some time the plasma gel begins to produce collagen in the dermis.


The Dermal Fillers procedure is a very easy way to understand

  1.  For each treatment, the specialist needs 10 ml – 20 ml blood to make the platelet-rich Serum, or the plasma gel.
  2. We can use Plasma gel to treat wrinkles, loss of permanent quantity, revitalization or to help formation of new skin and fine lines.
  3.  After a few months the plasma gel is normally consumed completely in the treated area.
  4.  After the treatment and effects of collagen production you can easily see its excellent results.
  5.  Experts suggest that 3 sessions should be done in about 4 weeks. After three sessions the impact of Bio Dermal Fillers plasma gel lasts for about two full years because it is working with PRP (plasma rich platelet) serum infusions.

Significantly, through this write-up we have learned the functions of bio dermal fillers. Now you will know who can undertake this process.


How to Select an experienced Dermatology & Cosmetology treatment center?

  1.            You must know about the Dermatology & Cosmetology work experience of the expert.
  2.            Dermatologist or cosmetologist should have extensive education and experience in the body structure of hand, neck, face and nearby.
  3.      The treatment center which you are going to select should have been approved by Care Quality Commission.
  4.      Skin treatment center should use accredited by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in the USA while appropriate counterparts elsewhere.
  5.      Make sure you take treatment after right confirmation about the Dermatology & Cosmetology treatment center.


Bio Dermal Fillers Before After PPT Slideshare

Bio Dermal fillers Before and After Pics in Slideshare to give clear visuals of effects of this skin rejuvenation treatment.


Dermal Fillers for Acne and Scars and Dermal Fillers for Cheeks

  Bio dermal Fillers for attractive lips

About the Hollywood and other media celebrities you have read, heard and seen on TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Movies, etc. have mostly treated themselves with lips surgery or any alternative to show themselves stunning, gorgeous, attractive, etc. Now you can do this too through these bio dermal fillers. You can use a restorative method to give volume and increase or augment your lip. At present, injectable dermal filler is the most often used strategy for lips growth. Hyaluronic corrosive helps to keep your skin shining, increment volume in your lips, greasing up your body and the like.


  Bio dermal Fillers for blush cheeks

Bio-dermal fillers increase cheeks, define jawline, create face extensions like fuller cheeks from hollow ones, reshape them in a proper way and so on. Bio fillers can be  a good option for both maturing as well as young patients. Many peoples’ cheeks hang out before old age and they start looking old even during their puberty. Here, Bio Dermal Filler Treatment help them to look fresh again.


Bio dermal Fillers for tightened face

 Bio-dermal fillers rebuild dead cells, recapture wrinkling, keep individuals away from aging, volumize cheeks and lips and help upgrading facial forms.


Bio dermal Fillers for an enchanted eye

The dark circles below the eyes point towards rise in age. Black stains at the bottom of the eyes shows your appearance very terrible. Notably, dark circles under eyes, wrinkles, stain patch, hollowness under eyes and fine lines all can be treated by bio dermal fillers and PRP. This Platelet Rich Plasma can be utilized under the eyes for treatment.


Bio-dermal Fillers for wrinkle

It is injectable wrinkle filler that can make you look younger and feel confident. It does not work like other fillers. Also, this is mostly under budget, easy to treat with and you will feel tension free about your facial looks.


Bio dermal Fillers for Injecting and Hyaluronic Process

It is an injectable and gel-like substance which skin itself also contains naturally. When injected from outside as filler, it shows its effect on the affected places. Injecting into the affected place brings tightness on that place of face, improves facial forms, reduces wrinkles and eases lip and smoke lines. Every year many people choose bio dermal fillers for their treatment. Hyaluronic corrosive in our skin keeps the skin stout and hydrated. It is mostly in gel form and with it we can overall have a natural and safe procedure of getting admirable and glowing firmer skin.



Dermal Fillers Under Eyes

Dermal fillers under eyes are injectible treatments of bio material or hyaluronic acid stimulating the appearance of thicker fat-pads under the eye skin. The bio material used can be the person’s own fat extracted from belly or thigh. The most common brand names are Juvederm and Restylane, However, many new brands have also come up. The procedure can last about 30 minutes and cost anywhere from $800–$1,200 per syringe and lasts from 6 to 12 months. The price of filler is static but it is the expert cost that makes the procedure cost variable.

The cost of procedure heavily depends on the practitioner as they are experts and if not performed well the procedure may contrarily give dis-utility and may spoil face and life.


Dermal Fillers for Lips

Dermal Lip fillers are getting popular these days where a cosmetic surgeon injects a lip filling material to plump up the lips. We sometimes know these types of dermal fillers as hyaluronic acid fillers, bio dermal fillers (usually extracted from own fat), plasma fillers, etc. depending on the different substances used in the injection.

Temporary fillers need redoing every six to nine months. So called permanent or semi-permanent may last for over two years. You can take whole or parts of lips under the procedure.

An expert may complete the procedure within 15 minutes or so and swelling that often appears last for only about 24 hours. You may need to go numb and this numbness will fade away within around 30 minutes.

When the fillers dissolve they may be a requirements over time again and again through syringe.

As fillers are safe procedures there are no permanent abnormalities after the procedure so there is no need to panic.


Natural Fillers for Lips

Hyaluronic acid fillers are treated as natural fillers for lips as this acid also appears in the skin itself naturally, thereby making it considerable as a natural filler for lips.

Dermal Fillers for Lips


What is Fat Transfer Filling?

A person’s own fat can also be used as filler which is called fat transfer. An expert may carry this out by extracting fat from belly or thighs and transferring it to the desired body or facial location. We also know this as filling by fat transfer.


What is Biofiller Plasma gel?

The extraction and usage of plasma gel is carried out  for wrinkle augmentation in a single treatment session. Plasma Gel has the same colour and form as auto-logous fat, but when injected, the softness is much better than auto-logous fat and it allows for, as it is more precise and refined. 

Such Biofiller Gel can be used to augment extremely fine lines and wrinkles and also the wider areas of the facial dermis that needs treatment in this process. Plasma Gel is production takes place by processing the patient’s own blood and in turn it is injected to volumize, lift, rejuvenate facial features, exposed portion of neck and hands. 


How does Bio-filler plasma gel treatment takes place?

Bio-Filler or Plasma Gel is injected to treat wrinkles and fine lines, and to lift and rejuvenate areas where volume loss has taken place. Further, this treatment also achieves bio-stimulation with stem cells and growth factors producing collagen in the skin. A course of 3 sessions with a 4-week interval is preferable in the beginning. The results are visible for about 2 years after the third session in case it is in combination with PRP serum injections. Early results are visible immediately after the treatment while the effect of collagen production is visible a fortnight later. After a quarter of year, the plasma gel completely absorbs naturally in the areas of treatment.


What is Biofiller PPP? What is Biofiller Plasma Gel Machine?

Biofiller PPP is a Biofiller Plasma Plasma gel machine which is a quick and reliable device to turn PPP (Platelet-Poor Plasma) into Plasma Bio-Filler Gel. This gel is then injectible in the face, neck, bust, butt, etc. in order to correct wrinkles, deep folds, lack of volume, unaesthetic lines and abnormal thinness. It is much safer than other kinds of fillers as this plasma bio-filler gel is autologous i.e., derived from the patients’ own blood.


What is the use of bio filler machine?

PPP Gel Filler machine is usable in order to:

  1. Contour your jaw line
  2. Enhance lip
  3. Soften smile line
  4. Restore the lost fullness in cheeks


What is bio filler super 8? What is biofiller cream?

Rosactive Bio filler Super 8 is super gel is a composition of 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid which work together with a special peptide and vegetal boosters in 6 Synchro Synergies for immediate re-compacting results. Like a sans needle filler, this serum helps to strengthen  the skin moisture barrier, perfect the skin tone and defend the skin against environmental stresses. The skin gets healthy and youthful look.


How to use bio filler cream?

  • External use only.
  • Apply the morning and or at night
  • Apply on face and neck and massaging until completely absorbs.
  • For best results, use simultaneously with BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Serum.
    Contents: 0% parabens, mineral oils, silicon, alcohol.

It has instant lifting effect as it increases skin elasticity, and protects skin structure.


What is PRP Biofiller (Plasma Filler or Plasma bio filler)? Bio filler vs normal dermal filler

There are 2 sorts of injectibles for face and neck skin rejuvenation viz. PRP Selphyl (Plasma Rich Platlets Selphyl) aka plasma bio fillers or plasma fillers & Dermal Fillers (is hylauronic of acid base with no animal products).

  • Experts take out platelet rich plasma from the patient’s own blood and inject it in the improvement area
  • PRP Selphyl is injected into the skin to improve skin texture like crepe type skin.
  • Is used in combination with neurotoxins for nonsurgical facelift
  • Dermal fillers help fill in hollow places caused due to volume loss
  • Used to fill hollow cheeks, gaunt mid-face line, to augment lips, shape tear troughs, level lower eyelid bags, temples, nasolabial folds (lines from nose to mouth), marionette lines (lines from the lips down the chin) and in the hands to reduce the appearance of skin thinness
  • PRP Selphyl, which is more natural, is often injectible in face near eyes, lips and cheeks. Dermal fillers are more usable for patients with deep lines like marionette lines and nasolabial folds. Dermal fillers are most commonly used for facial folds, nose and lips. 


It is notable that there are some drawbacks in each treatment. If you are going to under bio dermal filler treatment then it is important to know the side effects of these treatments too.


Side Effects

Side Effects can be bruising, redness, swelling, pain, itching, slight prickling, stick point redness, mellow delicacy, exhibiting rigidity, solidness, swelling, knots, knocks, imperfections, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, scars, pigmentation marks, tingling sensation, dingier/duller skin, uneven skin tone or faded discoloration.

These side effects are minimal and generally do not last long and you should  get a good skin for two years after the treatment. For the best result keep away from strenuous exercise, do not consume much liquor and keep distance from sun or excessive heat.


You must be acquainted with the difference between Dermal Fillers and Bio Dermal Fillers


Dermal Fillers

Bio Dermal Fillers

Substance Used

It is natural substance found in the body and increase volume in your lips. The name for these types of dermal fillers is “hyaluronic acid fillers.” These are less in use nowadays.

This  substance is plasma gel and used to treat volume loss, sagging facial skin, filling skin lines and wrinkles.

No. of sessions required

Generally three injection sessions are required but depend on the patient’s skin.

In bio dermal fillers the requisite is only one session.

Effect will last

The effect of dermal fillers remains between 6 months and 12 months

Bio dermal fillers treatment effects last for about 2 years.

Promote collagen formation

Minimal production of collagen

Good amount of collagen formation in the skin

Dermal Fillers Cost

It is fair-minded price in the market but comparatively expensive than the bio dermal fillers.

It is in our budget and is most advisable in the world

Pre care directives and post care directives

Pre-care directive

Before going for the treatment you should take care of these things-

  1. Don’t take much headache medicines and high dosages of vitamin E supplements.
  2. Do less use of Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
  3. If you had any surgery in the past, please duly inform your expert.


Post care directive to prevent dermal fillers side effects and early revival

  • Swelling: Immediately after treatment swelling with redness is not known to be abnormal. You can remove swelling by using frosty pack. It can be used for a day or two.
  • Don’t press hard: After treatment territory like eye, lip, mouth, hand, etc. can get bruises and after a few days you may feel itching. Do not rub hard on the affected territory and repeat the same process which you did on swelling as advised by your expert.
  • Yoga: Don’t do strenuous exercise within 24 hours of the procedure. Do only light exercise as hard exercise can increase your heart rate which is harmful for your derma treatment.
  • Touch: Don’t frequently touch the treated territory as it may get infection. You can better wash it with cleanser and water.
  • Away from a heated zone: After the treatment keep away yourself from direct sunlight or heated zone.
  • Side effects: If you have any serious side effects immediately contact your skin treatment expert.
  • Avoid excessive intake of medicines: Don’t consume high dosages of vitamin E supplements, headache medicines and angle oil for one week after your treatment. For distress Tylenol or acetaminophen might be consumable under advice.

Dermal Fillers Before After Images

Dermal Fillers Before after


Comparison: Dermal Fillers Before after Imagery



Dermal Fillers in India

In case you want immaculate complexion skin throughout the body and want to go under bio dermal fillers treatment in a clinic with a trained expert with expected results, then please thoroughly read this presentation and decide to go under the bio dermal fillers treatment. The decision should be yours.


How much Dermal Fillers Cost?

If we compare these fillers cost we will find them much cheap in third world countries as compared to its other global counterparts. It also depends upon the degree of treatment and the kind of treatment one takes.

In the US branded skin fillers can cost anywhere in the price range of $500 – $ 2000, including procedure. If they are bio fillers, still the procedure of making them injectible costs around the same. In India and China this cost can be around one-fourth of the cost in the US.

While considering the expenditure on this treatment one should also consider the actual price of the procedure and the benefits it presents. Bio dermal fillers are made from patients own blood and work to produce new collagen in the skin. Hyaluronic corrosive is based on skin and its work to re-establishing the volume and rebuilding the territories where they are infused. They do not show adverse side effects and their impact time period is much longer as compared to the other fillers. This is because the other fillers last between six months and a year, but bio dermal fillers work for 2 years. Thus, the price range also depicts the lasting time of the filler.

Dermal Filler before after injection


Use of Teledermatology for Dermal Treatment Consultation

Telemedicine and teledermatology are ubiquitous applications of e-health. There is a sub-example in the science of its dermatology which includes telecommunications technologies for the exchange of medical acquaintances using audio, visual, and data communication. This field is continuously growing along with health supervision management like diagnosis, counseling, and treatment. In these modern times, tele-dermatology provides dermatology services using electronic equipment.

The reason behind this facility is to provide advanced dermatology supervision to patients around the world at the comfort of their own homes. If you are trying quality skin care then you can call or use services online and can even make cosmetic consultation online. Significantly, these days many Online Consultants fully manage and take care of skin disorders out of which some are even available 24 hours a day. Now-a-days if you are an established person in this territory to consult on the condition of a new patient or skin care then the telemedicine experts can answer all your questions and concerns and only give professional advice for all skin related problems.




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