A beautiful Face showing Buried Wire facelift in buried wire skin lifting procedure

Procedure of Buried Wire Face Lift Surgery by Facial Implants

Many beauty-loving friends find that after 25 years of age, the face starts to loosen at this stage of entering the 30-year-old. At this time, face embedding is a good choice. This procedure is called buried wire face lift.


Had Face Sag and regret after burying the thread?

It doesn’t matter if you regret it after buried wire face lift. Generally, it depends on the situation. Some people have depressions in the recovery period, but not everyone will have depressions. Experts can repair this depression. If the depression is particularly severe, the operation is failure.


How does the protein line improve safety? Will there be sequelae? Side effects and risks?

Human face is rich in nerve blood vessels and various structures are fine and complex. If violation of the boundary between the spaces takes place, this may damage the local blood supply, causing serious consequences. This also shows that the position of burying is not correct. For example, if expert buries the wrong muscle layer it can can affect facial expressions and even cause pain on the face. Implantation in blood vessels can cause hematoma problems. Implantation in nerves can also cause pain. Every operation has trauma, and there are risks associated with trauma. There are many accidents in informal hospitals.


1.               Risk of protein line promotion

The process of protein line promotion will damage the dermis layer of the skin. Burying absorbable threads into the skin may damage the collagen fiber network. When the expert buries thread elastin in ACMETEA (Line Lift Shield) technology, collagen tripeptide and living hyaluronic acid are three major skin-based sources to stabilize collagen tissue structure. These make up for the problem of insufficient strength of the collagen fiber network and impact the effect. These also prevents the side effects such as swelling, blistering, dryness, dullness, plaque and so on.

Buried wire face lift surgery may have multiple symptoms such as infections, allergies, and rejection reactions, regardless of size. There are also more serious sequelae of collapse and unnatural expression after the thread is buried. Some people can actually pull out the loaded thread from the skin after finishing the operation. This is a serious side effect, and it is almost a declaration of the failure of the rhinoplasty.


 Thread Position

If the position of the buried thread is too shallow, the lifting effect will not be achievable, and there may be skin sags. If the position of the buried thread is too deep, there is a risk of damaging the facial nerves. However, the effect of lifting the thread can be maintained for 1 to 2 years. This is because the new collagen tissue will be slowly absorbed by the body in a short period of time, and the effect will gradually disappear (usually 2-3 years).

 In the new clinical report, the use of protein line promotion + ACMETEA (lift line shield) technology can prevent the absorption of new collagen tissue. The three major skin sources of elastin, collagen tripeptide and living hyaluronic acid in (lift line shield) technology can stabilizes the structure of the new collagen, forming a complete collagen mother cell that can complete its own metabolism. Human tissues will not absorb this, making the prolonged effect permanent. In most of the Buried wire thread lift surgeons use lifting line shield technology to avoid the risks caused by multiple operations. At the same time, the Weimei shield technology in (Lift Shield) prevents dents, ulcers, redness and other side effects after surgery.


2. Promoting the risk of protein lines

It is taking collagen, and the embedded “thread” enters the dermis layer of the skin to activate collagen. Collagen is already present in our skin. At this time, the most needed (lifting line shield) technology is formed. Collagen mother cells stabilize the new collagen. If resupplying collagen at this time will cause the collagen fibers in the dermis layer to accumulate and degenerate. After human macrophages (human immune cells) make discovery of it, one can judge the new tissue to be abnormal cells by macrophages differentiation and metabolism. This is also the main reason for the ineffectiveness and failure of surgery.


How does the protein line lift skin?

The protein line lifts the beauty through the epidermal layer-into the dermis layer-to the fascia layer-and damages the cells. Through the destruction of the cells, the human body initiates cosmetic surgery to repair the regenerative cells.

The collagen line enters the body. After encountering bodily fluids, it quickly forms a spiral shape, showing that cells quickly gather around this spiral. Before doing protein line facial enhancement beauty in Europe and other cell regeneration medical arts, there was a month of cell nutrition reserve.

In the early stage, a large number of oral hyaluronic acid-like living peptides and human elastin peptide intensive repair patents “cell neonatal theory” were needed in the special ACMETEA (Lift Shield). This was the need to promote oral protein line in order to create a protein line with dense repair support as the core nursing care before and after micro-art. This promotes postoperative repair and nutrition through the blood to reach the subcutaneous cells and reach the fascial layer. It can build and stabilize the collagen fiber structure. It is a natural protective barrier for protein line embedding surgery. Cells and repairs stimulate tissue regeneration, intensive repairs, increase elastic fiber density and cell density.


Contraindications to protein line elevation: who can’t do it?

 1. Exclude infection factors (inflammation of the whole body or face).

2. Immune abnormalities (including those with immune diseases such as lupus erythematosus and oral immunosuppressants for organ transplantation).

3. Oral collagen in the near future (The buried thread itself is to stimulate collagen production, plus oral administration will cause unbalanced degeneration and rapid apoptosis of new tissues).

4. People with abnormal blood coagulation function, such as blood diseases, those who are taking drugs that will affect blood coagulation.

6. During pregnancy or lactation.

8. Those with allergies.


Protein line promotion

1. At least one week after the operation, you should not touch the needle point with water. You should apply antibiotic ointment daily.

2. Oral antibiotics for 3-5 days to prevent infection.

3. It is not possible to take collagen orally (embedding thread itself is to stimulate collagen production. Also, oral administration will cause imbalance and degeneration of new tissues and rapid apoptosis)

4. You cannot do make-up immediately after the expert lifts the protein line. The chemical components in cosmetics can easily infiltrate the wound and cause infection.

Makeup and makeup removal can easily cause the buried thread to shift and expose the thread.

5. Lift the shield twice a day to stabilize the new collagen fibers.

6. The needle entrance may become red or bruise, and continuous ice compress can improve it.

7. The first three days after the surgery, the skin will feel pain. Massage is strictly prohibited. Cannot lower your head. Can not do strenuous exercise. Can not steam sauna. Facial expression range can not be too large.

8. Twice a day (lift the shield) to stabilize the new collagen fibers.


 Recovery of protein line

 Postoperative swelling and pain usually disappear in about a week, and the thread is dissolved in about 30 days. The other most common is threading out. The treatment method is to pull out the protein line. Oral antibiotics are taken as appropriate for 3-5 days to control the infection. To prevent side effects, it is necessary to strictly take a course of treatment (Weimei shield).

(Lift Shield) Elastin and living hyaluronic acid in technology form a complete collagen mother cell to complete the stabilization of new collagen. If collagen is added again at this time, the collagen fibers in the dermis layer will be in a state of accumulation and degeneration. After being detected by human macrophages (human immune cells), the new tissue will be differentiated by macrophages when it is judged as abnormal cells ,metabolism. This is also the main reason for the ineffectiveness and failure of the surgery.



During the recovery process, the cells, tissues, and cells contacted and damaged by the epidermal, dermal, and fascial layers that are enriched by ACMETEA (Lift Shield)-rich ceramide and chitosan increase protein lines. The collagen fiber structure between cells is targeted for repair and regeneration one by one. The nutrition of emergency wounds and emergency damaged cells is directly supplied to promote the synthesis of collagen fibers and activate damaged tissues. Emergency repairs penetrate into the dermis layer instantly and enhance skin cells The ability to regenerate and repair, while healing the cells while repairing the skin, human collagen tripeptide is a new cell force that can accelerate cell and tissue regeneration. It is also the necessary foundation to reduce the side effects of protein line promotion to a manageable range.


What is buried line?

Functionally speaking, the types of lines are generally divided into a variety of types, including smooth lines, zigzag lines, spiral lines, horn lines, etc., the length and thickness vary. Each line acts on different parts to achieve different effects and varies from person to person.

 In terms of materials, they are medical wires that can be slowly absorbed by the human body and will not stay in your body forever.

 After the buried thread was lifted, my face was sunken and I regretted death, and crying was useless.


Which level is the thread buried in?

For different parts of the promotion, they must be buried at different levels.

For example, the apple muscle is buried deeper into the fat layer. Because the apple muscle is actually a “cellulite”, the fall of the apple muscle is the movement and relaxation of the entire large fat pad, and it needs to be buried deeper for effective lifting.


 Many parts are buried in the superficial layer, that is, the lower layer of the dermis, which is very close to the skin.


Eyes, lips, and other special parts can also be buried, these two parts are almost free of fat underneath, need to ensure a higher degree of precision when embedding, use smooth lines as much as possible.


How long can a wire in buried wire face lift last?

 After the shallow line is buried for one month, it can play a certain role in wrapping and lifting. The deep line gets stronger in about three months. A course of treatment can last about one to two years.

It is suggested that you can perform “finding and filling up leaks” once a year, and slightly add a few lines in some parts to keep the effect better.


Does embedding make your face stiff?

Buried face stiffness by buried wire face lift: The professional operation of a professional doctor will not cause problems such as facial stiffness. But like botulinum toxin, if you overdo it at one time, you will surely lose your face!


When burying a line, the distance between each line is exquisite, such as 0.8mm, 1cm or 2cm. Different distances achieve different results. It is very important to control the spacing of buried lines. Professional doctors must reasonably grasp the scale. If we just blindly seek to tighten the skin and “buried” excessively, “foreign matter” may also cause problems such as redness and redness on the face.

 Collagen for Protein Thread Embedding

You cannot take collagen for protein thread embedding, because this will cause external supplementation and internal release of collagen to accumulate too much under the skin, connective tissue hyperplasia appears granulation tissue until it becomes scar tissue. This will result in sweat glands, nerves, cells and tissues in the skin Malignant hyperplasia of collagen fibers, such as subcutaneous necrosis, plaques, redness and swelling in the face and stratum corneum.


In case pure collagen supplementation causes malignant hyperplasia, autogenous collagen and instability causes malignant hyperplasia, there is no effect after surgery, the effect is not obvious.


About 80% can be repaired. Experts avoid the risk of multiple surgeries by using (lifting line shield) technology. At the same time, the Weimei shield technology in (Lift Shield) prevents dents, ulcers, redness and other side effects after surgery.


For who buried wire face lift is not suitable?

When skin inflammation takes place, do not do the thread embedding. By this it becomes easy to bring bacteria to the deep layers of the skin and cause infection.


For people who are very thin and have very loose skin, the lifting effect of the buried thread is not very good. You can consider hyaluronic acid and autologous fat filling.


If it is sensitive skin, pay special attention to the material of the wire. The specifications and technical content of the wire on the market are not the same. Obey the doctor’s advice.


As for pregnant women, because the pain during treatment may irritate the contractions, it is not recommended.


After the buried thread was lifted, my face was sunken and I regretted death, and crying was useless.


Does wire embedding for face lift hurt?

 It is definitely false to say that it doesn’t hurt at all. The thread is implanted in the meat. How can it not hurt?

 However, before the thread is buried, the doctor will apply epidermal anesthetic to you, which can relieve most of the pain. There is some pain when the needle is inserted into the skin, but it is not very serious.

Therefore, follow the doctor’s advice as much as possible to do post-operative care (lifting the shield to help dissolve the line), rationally arrange daily life, (lifting the shield) to avoid complications.


What are the cases of failed facial implantation surgery?

Cases of failed facial implant surgery: This kind of situation after the operation is a typical case of surgical failure. Because some people now misunderstand the facial thread embedding. They think that it is easy to bury a few threads, and they can be found by any private studio. This caused such a consequence.

Lifting Shield has strong blood cell production activity, cytoplasmic granulocyte production, monocyte and red blood cell production, making facial wounds heal faster, strong anti-staining ability, and better cell recovery. Presumably everyone cares more!


What should I pay attention to before and after thread carving?

1. Keep skin and hair clean and hygienic before surgery. Makeup can not be done on the day of surgery. Traces of previous makeup should be removed as much as possible.

2. Fully communicate with your attending physician before the operation. If taking medicine, please inform the doctor in advance.

3. The needle entrance may become red or bruise, and continuous ice compress can improve it.

4. Do not wash your face with hot water (water that does not exceed body temperature) for three days.

5. Don’t make exaggerated expressions for several weeks, don’t deliberately rub with your hands or other means.

6. Don’t go to high temperature environment such as sauna room within one month after operation, and do not expose to sunlight.

7. Smoking and drinking are prohibited within two weeks after the operation, and spicy food is not eaten.

8. Twice a day (lift the shield) to stabilize the new collagen fibers.


Real Life Failure Cases of Buried Wire face Lift

A few days ago, a media report said that a woman a lot of money on facial thread embedding in a micro-plastic surgery studio in a residential building. Later, she found that her face was stiff and unnatural when she laughed. The swelling did not go away for a week, and then a large area of ​​scab appeared under the skin. The report was that she went to the hospital for an examination. Due to this people paid more attention to buried wire face lift. There the doctor told her, “This thing cannot be taken out by the body, and it takes at least treble the cost to take out eight small mouths to remove the buried beauty thread.”

  This news attracted the attention of many beauty lovers. The original claims that the safe and effective buried thread beauty is not safe? What is the basis of buried beauty? In this regard, the reporter interviewed Sun, deputy director of the Department of Plastic and Aesthetics, Second People’s Hospital. Sun said that this situation is not a case.

Since March of this year, there are more cases of failure of surgical treatment of facial implantation at the hospital, with three or four a day. Sun said that the main problems caused by failed surgery were unnatural expression, dullness, abnormal morphology, bilateral asymmetry, persistent redness, swelling of the mouth and eyes, facial paralysis, diffuse facial infection, and vascular rupture. If you go to a regular hospital, about 80% of the failed cases can be treated and some of them need surgery.




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