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Ayurvedic Sex Medicine for Sexual Power Strength & Stamina

There is a flood of medicines in the medicine market with ample sex power medicines that would increase your stamina. However, there are different modern as well as ayurvedic medicines for sex power, working on the basis of different reasons. You can choose the best ayurvedic sex medicine on the basis of appropriate and complete information. Here, you can help yourself understanding what your problem is and accordingly deal with the same.


A male has quite complex sexual functions that can describe his character as his sexual hormones are dysfunctioning.


Maintaining a healthy diet, gym exercises, aerobics, yoga, lifestyle changes and with the assistance of some suggestible sex powder or drugs can bring about a lot of change. It can regain back one’s stamina but then it is very important to note that everything in excess comes with a challenge. In case you find that the above mentioned suggestions haven’t worked out well then it is advisable to have a proper check-up / test or treatment with ayurvedic medicine for sex power.


Prevalence of sexual Disorder

At every stage out adulthood males and females equally, face some sexual problems though this is more intense in cases of male.

A study was conducted in 2015 on South Indian population residing in the rural, it was noticeable that 21.15% males and 14% of females were suffering from sexual dysfunction:-


  •            15.77% of the diagnosis could reveal erectile dysfunction
  •            2.56% with low libido or less sexual desire
  •            8.76% were suffering from premature ejaculation

The conclusion of study in detail was that 1 in every 5 males was having sexual dysfunction and 1 in every 7 females had sexual dysfunction.


This study came as a shock as it is considerable that the urban population has a higher risk of being subject to sexual disorder due to their work pressure, unorganized lifestyle and food habits. This gave us an overview that if the risk in rural population is so high then the risk would be much higher among the urban population as the stress level here in the cities is too much to endure.


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What are some Ayurvedic Medicines for Sex Problems?

The male libido is vulnerably high due to the physical and psychological factors aligned to the lifestyle. There are a couple of reasons and solutions for the males across geography to take care of their stamina and interest in having sex with their partner.


1.      Erectile Dysfunction:

There can be signs of a man having erection challenges and this could be due to his psychological or medical reasons.



  1.       Loss of interest in sexual activity
  2.       Inability to retain an erection for the desired period
  3.       Inability in erection

Ayurvedic medicine for Sex Power

There are various capsules and ayurvedic medicines to treat this problem to maintain a healthy sexual life. Some of them are stated below as:-

  •         Ashwagandha: This is a rich source of antioxidant and has a soothing effect on the nerves and improves blood circulation which henceforward improves libido. We also know this as Indian ginseng.
  •         Safed Musli (SafedMusli): This increases blood flow during sexual activity which leads to harder erection. SafedMusli is comparable with Viagra. In Ayurveda, it is termed as Divyaaushadhi.
  •         Shilajit: Shilajit is a herbal resin that people collect from the rocky mountains and is usable by both by men and women. It is very good for the reproductive organ.
  •         Shatavari: This herb is very useful for men and women’s fertility and increases semen production and reduces stress. This name for this herb in Ayurveda is Asparagus Racemosus.

These herbs have medical proof and are reliable for years. They are able to treat erectile dysfunction and even other sexual disorders.


Ayurvedic Drugs for Premature Ejaculation / Early Discharge

Premature Ejaculation is a situation that happens before the climax is reached. This happens due to psychological factors like stress, depression, lack of confidence, relationship insecurities and many more factors.


  1.        Emotions like guilt and frustration
  2.        Loss of interest in sexual pleasure
  3.        Uncontrolled ejaculation with the minor sexual approach.


What is Ayurvedic Medicine for Lasting Long in Bed?

Premature ejaculation acts as a barrier for one to last long in bed. The reason for this is anxiety, depression, and stress.

To cope up with the sexual feeling there are several medicines like sprays, creams, gels and many more but they do not give a long-lasting effect. To hand on with the effect one should use these capsules:-

1.      SalabMisri: This capsule increases the stamina and strengthens the nerves hence increasing overall sexual intimacy. MajunSalab and SafoofSalab are both classical medicines suggestible and proven for years.

2.      Ashwagandha: This is a rich source of antioxidant and has a soothing effect on the nerves and improves blood circulation which hence prevents premature ejaculation, strengthening your stamina.

3.      Javitri: This is the most commonly available kitchen spice. This sex power capsule treats sexual dysfunctions. It stimulates the nervous function and has constructive and drying properties. Some experts say that that it is  highly effective as an aphrodisiac.

4.      Kaunch: It is a rich natural source of L-Dopa used for the treatment of Parikinson’s disease. This capsule is very effective to cure sexual weakness.


What is Low Sperm Count?

Low sperm count exactly means deficit of sperms in semen which inhibits one from fatherhood or long-lasting in bed. This acts as a barrier to a healthy sex life. The reason behind low sperm count is an anomaly in chromosomes and hormones. Along with testicular malignancies and enlarged testicular veins are the prime causes.



  •            There is no specific symptom of low sperm count in males
  •            A male with low or no sperm count can also be healthy without any sexual intimacy.
  •            Premature ejaculation, libido, and erectile dysfunction all can co-exist without any specific symptom.
  •            Repeated failure to make your partner pregnant after 3 consecutive months without protection can be a reason for low sperm count.


 What are Ayurvedic Medicines For Low Sperm Count / Nil Sperms?

 Several sex powders are effective in treating low sperm count. The ayurvedic sex capsules with other antioxidants like lycopene, Omega-3 fatty acid, and Vitamin E have yielded good results. Several other ayurvedic sex medicine herbs which experts consider that they increase male fertility are WithaniaSomnifera (ashwagandha), Kaunch (mucunapruiens), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Pippali (Piper longum), Bala (Sidacordifolia), Vidarikandha (Ipomoea digitata), Shilajit (Asphaltum, mineral pitch) and Chloroophytumborivilianum.



What is Small Penis / Penile Shrinkage / Micro Penis

A small penis is a sign when the penis fails to measure 2.8 inches when erect and measures 1.8. Micropenis can be treated with the assistance of plastic surgery. Other reasons for penile shrinkage are prolonged illness or shrinkage due to age. There are certain sex power ayurvedic herbs the use of which we can make for taking care of this.



  •           The size of the penis is smaller than the usual size
  •            Micropenis can be due to depression, anxiety and performance anxiety.


What is Ayurvedic Medicine for Small Penis Size?

Several sex capsules are being used to increase the potential of one. There are also ayurvedic herbs like- Shilajit, Akarkara, Kaunch, SafedMusli, etc. that are suggestible and usable for penis enlargement. A very effective medicine XTL Plus is a complete ayurvedic medicine and people extract it from the best quality herbs in its pure form. The feedback of XTL plus has been very positive.


Ayurvedic Medicine for Low Libido

Low Libido is widely seen in males and this can be seen as low sexual cravings. The lack of craving might be due to an unhealthy relationship or health issues.



  1.          Loss of interest in sexual intimacy.
  2.          Challenge in turning on after long foreplay
  3.                       Low Libido can also be seen with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


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What is Ayurvedic Treatment for Sex Problem?

The above mentioned ayurvedic capsules are proving their success for years as they have given a kick start to one’s sexual life. They are helping men to last long and have proper and complete sexual life by strengthening the penis and improving the blood flow in the nerves.


Sexual well-being is not about performing good in the bed but also about the male esteem. This makes him enjoy his life by increasing his confidence and supporting his emotional state of mind.


Ayurvedic Sex Medicine Patanjali

The Haridwar, Uttarakhand based that Patanjali Ayurved owns and as Baba Ram Dev endorses these ayurvedic sex medicines are known to be economical at least as advertisements say.  Hence people flock top them due to their economical prices.


What are the Prices of Ayurvedic Sex Medicines?

Ayurvedic sex medicine prices range from moderate to too high. The products discussed are obviously very costly but are used due to their reliability and least of known adverse side affects. Some ayurvedic sex medicines are even costlier than gold. Thus, ayurvedic sex medicine price is dependent on its quality.


What is Yarsa Gambu (Kida Jadi or Kira Jari)?

Yarsa gambu is an ayurvedic sex medicine which is also known as “Kira Jadi” which is part animal and part plant. It can also be called part insect and part herb. These are naturally available in the Himalyan range and hills which lie in Nepal, China and India. Collectors collect it from under rocks when snow starts melting as summer begins. This is one of the examples of ayush medicines or ayurvedic sex medicines which is far much more costlier than gold.





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